Choosing Tattoos According to Zodiac Signs

Flower Tattoos

Choosing Tattoos According to Zodiac Signs

When you decide to make a plant or a flower tattoo it will be very opportunely to check, whether it suits you according to zodiac signs.

Aries belongs to the signs of fiery elements; therefore its plants differ with bright, flaring shades, such as, bright-red, claret, bright-pink and orange. Mars conducts the Aries and as it is aggressive and warlike prickly plants will suit to the representatives of this zodiac sign very well. The Aries likes to be in the center of events and in the centre of general attention that is why, as a rule, its flowers possess high stalks and magnificent inflorescences. The azalea, royal begonia, geranium, pomegranate, rose, sparkling and striped, and cactus are ideally suitable for the Aries. Asters, orchids, chlorophytumn, chrysanthemums, tsissus are counter-indicative to Aries.

Azalia Flower Tattoo Azalia Flower Tattoo Bebonia Flower Tattoo

Bebonia Flower Tattoo Cactus Tattoo Cactus Tattoo

Pomegranate Tattoo Pomegranate Tattoo Pomegranate Tattoo

Taurus opens terrestrial signs in the zodiac circle. It is constant, rested and hardy. Taurus more than any other sign is attracted by earth, that is why its plants are very stable to the environment changes and are rather low. These are: violet, kalanchoe, Persian cyclamen, begonia, gloxinia, primrose. Perhaps, Taurus is the most material zodiac sign, there are reasonable economy and competent calculation in its character. Plants of Taurus also promote its successes in career, plus, support its physical health and will to win.

flower tattoo for taurus

Twins are under the command of Mercury. Probably, that is why all twins so windy and changeable, they are in a continuous, sometimes too chaotic movement, always and everywhere. Mysterious Mercury has gifted mysterious plants to twins. Basically, they have magnificent foliage and indirect stalks. Plants of Twins are: plumose and sparge asparagus, tillandsia, various palm trees, ferns, ivies, tradescantia.

Ferns Tattoo Ferns Tattoo Ferns Tattoo

Ivy Flower Tattoo Ivy Flower Tattoo Ivy Flower Tattoo

Cancer concerns to the signs of water elements. The characteristic feature of its plants is the plentiful foliage and juiciness of stalks. Cancer flowers are closely connected with everything, what concerns home and family well-being. They restore harmony in the family and put mental health in order. The flowers that help cancer to adjust good and calm house atmosphere are: agalonema, an agave, an aloe, gasteria, dieffenbachia, kalanchoe and a fuchsia.

Aloe Tattoo

Lion – the most solar sign. It is patronized by the sun, that is why its plants are unpretentious in everything, except one – they need as much solar beams as possible. Lions love all magnificent and causing admiration. Their flowers attract by their unusual and original aristocratism: acalypha, balsamy, gardenia, geranium, calla, the Japanese camellia and the Chinese rose. The representatives of other zodiac signs, wishing to have luck and to be more successful in work and creative muses, can also make tattoos of these plants and flowers. They are a talisman of creativity and passion love.

Calla Flower Tattoo Calla Flower Tattoo Camellia Flower Tattoo

Gardenia Flower Tattoo Gardenia Flower Tattoo Japanese Camellia Flower Tattoo

Maiden. In spite of the fact that maiden belongs to the signs of terrestrial elements, it, as well as twins, is under control of Mercury. From here comes such a combination of its favorite plants: flowers with twisted leaves and elastic stalks, and even lianas. Maiden – is material and rational. Maiden’s plants don’t possess only aesthetic qualities, but also practical. Maiden’s plants perfectly help with the immunity strengthening; they develop mental abilities of the person. This are: aloe, Japanese aucuba, monstera, a philodendron and tsissus.

Scales. Born under this sign, like everything that make shine the daily occurrence, and creates harmonious and refined image. There is no wonder that plants of Scales have color leaves and inflorescence and fruits that bewitch the sight. As scales operate the area of partner relations, from the long list of useful properties of their plants we can allocate two of them: the formation of taste and establishment of mutual understanding. They actively promote the development of aesthetic perception of the validity. Plants of Scales are: pineapple, hibiscus, hydrangea, camellia, croton, Japanese fatsia and chrysanthemum.

Camelia Flower Tattoo Camelia Flower Tattoo Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Peneaples Tattoo

Peneaples Tattoo Peneaples Tattoo

Scorpion – is an individualist, it will never sing together with others. It is a sign of water elements which is conducted by two planets at once: Pluto and Mars. Its plants are mostly prickly plants, and those who demand a lot of moisture. These are: agave, aloe, dracaena, kalanchoe, oleander, tiger faucaria and ehmeya. These plants help to open secret abilities of a person. For example, the gift of clairvoyance and telepathy. They have salutary influence on the representatives of all signs who aspire to space comprehension and destiny peripetias.

Oleander Flower Tattoo Oleander Flower Tattoo

Sagittarius – a free bird. It is in constant movement; sometimes it is very difficult to foresee its actions. Sagittarius is a person of mood all the time aspires to new tops, that is why its flowers, as a rule are very long, with plentiful flowering and have flexible, but strong stalks. Plants of Sagittarius are: bonsai, all citrus, schefflera. They help in all courageous beginnings, and also patronize to long distance travellers. The aloe, cactuses, ferns and ivies won’t be able to live with Sagittarius.

Bonsai Plant Tattoo Bonsai Tattoo Bonsai Tattoo

Capricorn differs by enviable obstinacy and constancy. Saturn conducts the Capricorns, and gave them a strong character. Capricorn is never afraid to be late, it has enough regular life. Its plants have direct stalks and do not hurry up to grow. Capricorn’s plants are: fragrant dracaena, laurels, lithops, rubber plants, and yucca. They are talismans of carrier and manage the social status of a person in society.

Laurel Tattoo

Aquarius. Born under this sign is so absorbed by his ideas and so burns with the desire to carry away others with them that sometimes forgets about reality. Its plants act as stimulus to invention and making discoveries in various spheres of life. More often plants of the Aquarius amaze with their originality: abutilon, Godsef’s dracaena, ragwort, reo motleg, maranta, and spurge.

Geranium Flower Tattoo Orchid Fishes Tattoo Orchid Flower Tattoo

Orhid Fishes Tattoo

Fishes. The most water sign. Venus and Neptune have allocated plants of Fishes with easy unostentatious aroma and beautiful flowers. They promote the development of the spiritual part a person, and restore the internal balance. Plants of Fishes are: aquarian plants, platitserium, tolmie, geranium, hyacinth, orchid, syngonium, alokaziya. If you chhose the right tattoo acording to zodiac signs, your life can become more happy.