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Azalea Flower Tattoo

The azalea flower tattoo means restraint and sobriety

According to zodiacal signs the azalea is Aries.

Both Indian and Japanese azaleas support the vivacity of power. Such a property is connected with the strong Sun included in the magnificent flowers and brilliant leaves, and with Saturn shown in the form of the ligneous stalks.

Mercury is also very strong in azalea leaves, but these leaves are small. That is why the included in them manager of speech and thought process Mercury gave azaleas the ability to clear atmosphere from the energy of gossips and petty thoughts. If you are rounded by gossips, telephone gossips, or somebody gives a great value to trifles, so the azalea tattoo will be very suitable to you. Its shining sun will transform the energy of gossips, petty thoughts and conversations, which importunate from a person by small midges that litter space, in a warm and pleasant energy.

And what about the Aries of azalea. He is very bright, likes to be in the public eye, to be discussed, well he is, an egoist and. The Azalea flower tattoo will rescue you from such persons that surround you, and also will help to improve the worst parts of your own ego. Egoistical energy prevent to concentrate other people on their affairs, but azalea neutralizes distracting action of egoism.

Influence on emotional condition.

Perhaps, azalea is the finest and the brightest beauty among other green beauties. And it can’t be in any other way. The Sun is too strong in this plant that is why azalea is so shining. The sun is a planet of creativity and is shown in Aries most brightly and harmoniously, but it takes the second position in this sign, the first, operating position belongs to Mars to planet of speed that stimulates creativity and solar movement. That is why azalea is useful to those who is afraid to undertake the big work and tries to delay the beginning process. Such things often happen with creative people, with artists or musicians. For them, the most painful process is the embodiment of already felt image in a matter. Let the azalea tattoo will help you. It forbids a person to shirk from work with its thin influence and helps your masterpieces to be finished earlier.

Influence on health.

The sun of azalea wakes up a person from a dream. This plant is useful for those who feels like a sleepy fly the whole day long, and wakes up only by the evening who feels difficult to wake up in the morning.

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