What do Flowers Symbolize

Flower Tattoos

What do Flowers Symbolize

Azalea. Here is a short description about what do flowers symbolize.

Azalea is recommended to reserved people. Because it characterizes the sober mind and the reasonableness of a person.

Azalea means restraint and sobriety.

Azalea is a tragic flower growing from bloody tears, spilt by the boy who was transformed by his severe stepmother into a parrot. At Chinese it means female grace or big abilities. Also it means ephemerality and transference.

Azalea is identified with the dazzling beauty, a stupefying charm and at the same time poisonous insidiousness of women. It is named a “stupefying lust flower”. According to zodiacal sign azalea is Aries.

Acacia. The acacia tattoo is a symbol of love and friendship.

For example, for people of the Irish origin, the acacia flower will show his Irish origin to the surrounding people. This flower is very popular in Ireland and symbolizes good luck.

Angelica, first of all, is connected with the creative energy. This flower allocates a person with magic power. But it is necessary to know, whether you are ready to accept it …

Angelica means inspiration and magic

Pansies means reflexion, reminds the wrinkled face of an elf, who is in deep meditation. Besides, these flowers were also associated with the goddess Venus. Other names of pansies flowers in English language amaze with their figurativeness – “idle love”, “delight of the Cupid”, “kiss me”.

Orange. An orange tattoo is a symbol of immortality and good luck (China). In Christianity the orange flower means cleanliness, chastity and virginity, in communication, that is why it was used in a wedding wreath.

The aster – Symbolizes love at ancient Greeks and is devoted to Aphrodite.

Bamboo. A Bamboo tattoo is a symbol of grace, a constancy, flexibility and plasticity, good education, long friendship, the longevity and blossoming age (it is evergreen). The Bamboo flower personifies the perfection of a person who can lean during the storm, but then rises again.

Cornflower means refinement and survey. These flowers will suit true optimistical and constant people.

Carnation is symbol of love and attractive! A talisman of love in Italy ─ a talisman which will protect the lover from all troubles and misfortunes!

Carnation means fidelity and love

The red carnation means ardent love and passion! Yellow means disrespect, the white carnation means grief sign, and the motley carnation means the unshakable virtue!

Carnation is a flower of courageous, unexpected decisions; it is preferred by people deprived of any stereotypes, people of wide soul! The people who are keeping up to date!

Carnation also symbolizes love and infinite fidelity.

Carnation is a plant that symbolizes the Christian understanding of love. Its name comes from Greek «decorate with flowers».

Gerbera a flower of contradictions, it is simple and at the same time mysterious, expressive, and bright! Gerbera means: secret, optimism, smile, and little flirt.

If you want to make a compliment, to present pleasure, or to share your good mood with someone, you should present a Gerbera bouquet.

Gerbera can please everyone and everybody nobody will remain without attention! Red gerberas are good to be presented to men, gentle pink – to girls, women. And yellow or orange gerberas will bring good luck in any house; they can be presented on a family celebration. And the house will be filled with warm, pleasure and smiles …

In flower language Gerbera means smile, optimism, openness to the world if you look at this affable, bright, flower – you will smile and understand that anyway everything will be all right! This flower simply “infects” with its optimism and pleasure and fills the heart with warm feelings!

Jasmine. The Jasmine flower tattoo – symbolizes feminity, sweet, grace and appeal (China). In Christian culture it is a symbol of grace, elegance and Maiden Maria.

Also jasmine and crocus can be seen at an infinitely happy person.

Legend about a jasmine. About the useful properties of this flower was known already a couple of thousands years ago. In ancient China jasmine was added in green tea, it was used in washing out the eyes and in cough treatment. Honey jasmine flowers of were often used in cosmetic purposes for skin toning. The myth about jasmine says that this flower was presented to ancient Greeks by the goddess of wisdom Athena. Therefore it often decorated hair. It was thought that in this way the jasmine clears consciousness and puts thoughts in order.

Iris means a wise love. If you want a flower tattoo with a symbol of wisdom and advantage, than your flower is iris. Iris is a plant that symbolizes frequency, greatness, innocence. Its name is given in honor of the Greek goddess of rainbow Iris.

Is a symbol of isomorphic lilies. It is also named «a saber lily», because of the saber form of its leaves. It also acts as a symbol of Maiden Maria, and symbolizes her grief. In such a quality the iris has got a wide spread in the Netherlands painting. Originally iris was a popular heraldic sign, but subsequently was replaced by lily: such substitution could happen because of the affinity of sounding. In Spanish culture was associated with motive of Immaculate Conception. Three purple irises were an emblem of cardinal Odoardo Farnese.

Camellia. The camellia flower tattoo will suit the cheerful persons blossoming like a flower.

Clover. The Clover tattoo – symbolizes a divine triad, threefold aspect of the life of body, soul and spirit. Clover is a plant that symbolizes Christian Trinity. The associations with the Trinity evolve according to the three leaves form of the clover. Seldom met the four leaves clover means the memory about the lost paradise. The clover with five petals foretells misfortune. In the Chinese semiotics the clover is a sign of spring.

Hand bell. Those who constantly regret about something, more often make a hand bell tattoo. A hand bell means constancy and regret.

Lily. The lily flower tattoo – in the West the lily flower has the same symbolic, as lotus in the East. Several lilies on one stalk mean virginity, revival and immortality.

Since ancient times people worshipped to lilies, as to one of the finest creations on the Earth. «Let your way will be covered by roses and lilies» – that was the wish of well-being. Lily is a symbol of the world and purity in ancient Russia, a symbol of hope in Ancient Greece. And in ancient France, these flowers meant justice, mercy and compassion.

Lily is a flower of greatness and, glory, but not only this, almost any bouquet of the bride does not manage without lilies.  It is because lily is a flower of “heavenly happiness», the marriage bed of Zeus and Gera was covered with lilies. The white lily, as it is known, designates cleanliness of thoughts, naivety and the tenderness of nature. If you possess such qualities, this is your flower.

Lotus – is a symbol of perfection because its leaves, flowers and fruits form a circle. The lotus personifies the spiritual disclosing, beginning to grow from dirt and slime and sprouting upwards through muddy waters in order to reveal on the sun and in the light of Heavens. Its root personifies the insolubility; the stalk – an umbilical cord adhering the person to his sources; the flower has the form of solar beams; the box with seeds symbolizes the fertile force of creation. The lotus means cleanliness, perfection, spiritual grace, peace, female genius, summer, fertile. Besides, the lotus personifies the past, the present and the future as every plant at the same time has buds, flowers and seeds. Lotus is a symbol of a noble person, grown from dirt, but not dirty (China). At Egyptians the lotus means “the intelligence fire”, creation, fertility, revival, immortality, the imperial power. Is the emblem of the Top Nile. The lotus is a sacred flower of Buddhists and symbolizes cleanliness.

Lotus (nelumbonucifere) is a national flower of India. Lotus or water lily is a water plant with wide floating leaves. The flowers have a strong aroma. This sacred flower takes a unique place in the art and mythology of ancient India. Since ancient times it is considered a happy symbol of the Indian culture.

The buttercup – symbolizes richness.

Magnolias are very widespread tattoos, they symbolize love to the nature.

The magnolia is considered a symbol of female purity.

Poppy. The poppy flower tattoos – symbolize fruitfulness, fertility, oblivion, idleness. And also, poppy, is a symbol of the soldiers fallen during the last two world wars.

Narcissus. The narcissus flower tattoo is a flower of spring, a symbol of death in youth (the Narcissus blossoms and withers quickly). The Greek name of the flower (Narcissus) has the general root with the word “narcosis”. Narcissus is also named “the oblivion grass” (because of its narcotic properties). The narcissus or the water immortelle, symbolizes a loving couple (happy marriage) and if it blossom on the New Year Eve, – you’ll have happiness in the coming year (China).

Narcissus also means delusiveness, hope, not mutual love

Orchid. The orchid flower tattoo – personifies magnificence, favor and luxury. A perfect person, harmony, refinement, love, beauty, female charm. (China).

The mysterious orchids symbolize themselves the feminine inception. It is also possible to add carelessness, and serenity to it. Orchids – symbolize feminity, good taste and serenity.

Peony. Such flowers as peonies and buttercups symbolize richness. If you have financial well-being, and you are especially happy with what you have, then by all means a peony or a buttercup will decorate your body. Peonies mean richness, luck, love and honor (Japan).

Rose. The rose flower tattoo has different senses: a gold rose means perfection. Red means desire, passion, pleasure, beauty, completeness. The white rose is a “light flower”, innocence, virginity, spiritual disclosing, and charm. Red and white roses symbolize the union of fire and water, the  connection of contrasts. A blue rose is a symbol of unattainable and impossible. A rose with four petals personifies the quadro division of space. A rose with five petals means microcosm, and with six petals means macrocosm.


The sense of chamomile is inconsistent and very unequivocal, as however, at the majority of flowers. Here are some senses of chamomile in flower language. The chamomile means peace and love! The chamomile calms, brings good luck, helps to find the future spouse, some girls guess on chamomile – «loves, or does not love». The youth, innocence, romanticism of chamomiles is reflected in a lot of beautiful legends, songs, and verses. The chamomile – symbolizes kindness, modesty, innocence. The bouquet from chamomiles will be a good present for a young, unsophisticated in love girl! The chamomile says: “the life is beautiful, it only begins”!

Sakura. The sakura flower tattoo symbolizes spring blossoming, hope, youth, courage, and also female beauty and female inception in nature (China). A symbol of quiet, reasonable current of time and the fragility of being (Japan).

Tulip. The tulip flower tattoo is a symbol of perfect love.

Tulip is a passionate love. The tulip tattoo designates the passionate love, and also the possibility to show the feelings to the loved person. The tulip flower tattoo also symbolizes tenderness, beauty, charm and maybe that is why women love some much the tattoos with this flower’s image. If you are going to make a flower tattoo and your will stop your choice on this remarkable flower, the best looking place for such tattoo can be hand, leg or stomach. It is not difficult to decide what color will be toy tulip tattoo difficult, let it has something common with your inside world … the Red tulip is a symbol of true love and passion! Yellow – says about hopeless love or “I hope for love”! And if you want to combine the tulip with other elements, you have to be very, because it can have an absolutely different sense … the black tulip means – I wish to die with you!

Violet. The violet flower tattoo – a modest bashful violet had bad reputation in Christian symbolic. Because of it was the symbol of Aphrodite, the violet was considered as “a desire flower”. It also means timid love. Violet flower tattoos are tattoos for those who are timid, shy and sluggish.

Chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum flower tattoo is a symbol of persistence and resoluteness. (China. Japan). There is a legend that very long time ago somewhere in the East, the fallen to the ground solar sparks have suddenly turned into white, fine chrysanthemums! And this fine beautiful flower was born. The chrysanthemum in the East is a symbol of persistence, resoluteness, a symbol of life pleasure, and everyone from little to old worship to it. For Japanese this is a magic, sacred plant, about which were composed legends …  The chrysanthemum is not only a regal flower, a symbol of well-being and happiness, thanks to the Chrysanthemum the person’s soul has rest and is treated. The lilac chrysanthemum is also a wonderful aroma, but it doesn’t have any deep symbolic.