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Violet Flower Tattoo

The violet flower tattoo – a modest bashful violet had bad reputation in Christian symbolic. Because of it was the symbol of Aphrodite, the violet was considered as “a desire flower”. It also means timid love. Violet flower tattoos are tattoos for those who are timid, shy and sluggish.

Ancient Greeks connected the occurrence of these flowers with the daughter of Argos king who fell in love with Zeus, for what was transformed into a cow by the Zeus’s wife Gera. In order to brighten up somehow the life of his beloved, Zeus grew up violets for her which symbolized a love triangle.

Once the god of the sun Apollo pursued with his burning beams one of the beautiful daughters of Atlas, the poor girl addressed to Zeus with entreaty to cover and protect her. And here the great Thundered listened her entreaties, and transformed her into a wonderful violet and covered her in the shade of his foliage where since that time every spring she blossomed and filled with the fragrance the heavenly woods.

Here, maybe, this charming flower would remain forever and would never get on the earth, but it happened that Proserpine – the daughter of Zeus and Ceres, went to the forest for flowers, and was stolen by suddenly appeared Pluto, just in time when she was collecting violets. Being frightened she dropped the collected flowers from her hands on the earth and those were the ancestors of those violets which grow on earth till today.

Here is one more legend. Once in hot day Venus decided to bathe in the most remote grotto where nobody could see her. The goddess Venus pleasure bathed with pleasure for a long time and when she suddenly heard rustle. She turned and notice that some mortals look at her. The angry goddess decided to punish too curious people. Venus addressed to Zeus with the request to punish the guilty. Zeus, of course, responded to the request of the fine goddess and decided to punish them, but then he softened and transformed them into violets expressing curiosity and surprise.

In Germany this flower is named the stepmother and this name is explained as follows. The bottom, largest and beautiful petal is a dressed up stepmother. Two above petals, which are not less beautifully painted petals and not less beautifully dressed up, are her daughters. And two uppermost white petals, as though faded, with lilac-tinged shade of petal are her poorly dressed stepdaughters. The legend says that before the stepmother was above and the poor stepdaughters below, but the God took pity over the poor, hammered and left girls and turned the flower, thus the malicious stepmother got the disturbing her spur, and her native daughters got the so hated  short moustaches.

Some people saw in this flower a woman’s face expressing curiosity. It is said that this face belongs to a woman who was transformed into this flower because of the curiosity she glanced there where it was forbidden to look.

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