Verbena flower tattoo

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Verbena flower tattoo

Verbena – is an old Roman origin from the word ‘verbum’ . According to Pliny, this plant was used in sacrifices and vows. Verbena flower tattoo symbolizes love.

This is one of the 12 magical plants of Rosicrucians. As the grass of love, verbena flower tattoo helps against anger, extinguishes emotions leads to good mood. Its other name is “pigeon grass” – which indicates its sacred character. Palas departing to negotiate with their enemies, took the verbena plant with them. It was also used in order to clean the home, it was also believed that verbena could make the wishes come true. Galls used verbena mystical practice, they also believed that it helps from snake bytes. It was considered that verbena astrologically subordinates Venus. Druids considered it as a sacred sign. Celtic priests made of it the drink of love, which also guarded from evil spirits. Verbena was actively used in alchemical practice as a sign of space substance. Albert the Great believed that verbena brings profit in the house. However, there was another opinion, that verbena helps in spreading lies.

Verbena was widely used as a remedy. Its root treated scrofulous and sores. Sometimes verbena was used as indicator: the patient had to take verbena in his left hand and after this if he felt better, he would survive, if he felt worse, he would die.

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