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Tulip Flower Tattoo

The tulip flower tattoo is a symbol of perfect love.

The tulip flower tattoo designates passionate love or love, and also the possibility to show the feelings to the elect.

The tulip flower tattoo symbolizes tenderness, beauty, maybe because of these women are so fond of tulip flower tattoos. If you are going to make a flower tattoo and your choice will fall on this remarkable flower, the most successful place for this flower tattoo is hand, foot or stomach. It is not very difficult to adjudicate, what color will be your tulip flower tattoo, let it be connected with inner world …

Do you remember the infinitely sad legend about love and death of prince Farhad on whose place of death have grown these fine flowers? If you accidently forgot it or did not hear at all, you have to read it. Make yourself a fascinating, unforgettable travel to fantastic Persia, without leaving the house. And it is quite possible be that you don’t receive only pleasure, but also will open and will feel the talent of storyteller in yourself

The red tulip is a symbol of true love and passion! Yellow – says about hopeless love or “I hope for love”! And if you want to combine tulip with other elements, you have to do it very carefully because it can have absolutely different meaning …

The black tulip means, I wish to die with you!

And here is one legend which says about the black tulip, this is a flower which the French kings presented to their favorites!

The grade of the black tulip was deduced by the request of black inhabitants of Harlem. The flower should personify the beauty of people with black skin, and to the one, who will manage to deduce this miracle, was declared a good compensation! And when the flower was finally deduced, there was arranged a great and beautiful pageant and the originator of such a magnificent celebration flaunted in a crystal vase!

The first written mentions about tulip are dated to XI-XII centuries. Its images were found in the hand-written Bible of that time. In ancient literary Persian compositions the flower was named ” dyulbash ” – a turban so was named in the east a headdress reminding the form of a flower.

Turkish sultans loved tulip flowers very much by, wishing to have in their gardens the carpets from natural flowers. At the time of open-air night feast on the command of lords on the extensive beds of flowers were let out the turtles with the lighted candles attached to their armor. The wandering sparks among beautiful flowers were magnificent. The Persian poet Hafiz wrote about tulip: “even the rose cannot be compared with its virgin charm”.  “This flower has no smell, as a beautiful peacock has no songs. But the tulip became famous for its colorful petals, and the important peacock for its unusual feathers” – is said in one ancient manuscript.

The legend about tulip says, that exactly in the bud of a yellow tulip was concluded happiness, but nobody could reach it as the bud did not reveal, but once a little boy took the yellow flower in hands and the beautiful tulip revealed itself. The children’s soul, carefree happiness and laughter opened the bud.

In the flower language the tulip flower tattoo means a declaration of love, and it is also because of the legend about the Persian tsar Farhad. Being crazy in love with a beautiful girl Shirin, the prince dreamt about the happy life with his beloved girl. However the envious contenders started a rumor that his beloved girl was killed. And Farhad distraught from grief went on his quick horse to the rocks and fell to his death. Exactly in that place where the blood of the unfortunate prince got on the earth, grew bright red flowers, those were tulips the symbol of passionate love.

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