The Tattoos of Stars

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The Tattoos of Stars

Everything that is connected with the life of stars of show business, cinema and sports, always causes heightened interest, and their appearance is exposed to the most careful “scanning”. The special attention of public is chained to the distinctive feature of the appearance of stars, and what can be more intriguing, than the tattoos of stars.

The main object of “scanning” remains the actress Angelina Jolly who does not stop to surprise the public with the abundance of her tattoos.  The actress has her own way in the choice of tattoos – Jolly prefers the patterns personifying freedom, sayings of thinkers and citations from prayers. That is why many people attribute the mystical sense to her tattoos, though she isn’t far away from terrestrial interests, the last tattoos of the star had the most direct relation to her children who, as she said, became the main sense of her life. And on the contrary the singer Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, don’t have any adherence to the tattoos that have deep philosophical sense, therefore their tattoos is, most likely some fashion things. The actor Johnny Depp is famous for the tattoos on his hands though, for shootings it was necessary to thoroughly retouch them because they didn’t enter in the conception of his roles at all.

The well-known football player David Beckham, being a great admirer of tattoos, also usually comes into the public view. After the birth of his sons there appeared a tattoo in the form of a huge pattern with the names of the children on his body, however, about 4 years ago Beckham decided to tattoo a bible phrase in Hebrew on his shoulder. The husband’s example was infectious, and Victoria Beckham decided to make the same tattoo. Madonna and at Britney Spears have kabbalah tattoos, by the way, Britney likes to make tattoos, without understanding their sense.

It is very interesting to look at the tattoos of stars, which are loved by many musicians, actors, sportsmen and bohemians. Victoria Beckham has a tattoo in the form of five stars on her body, which personify all members of her family, and tennis-player Anna Kournikova has a tattooed star on her waist. The actor Bruce Willis has a tattoo in the form of three stars on his left shoulder, actress Lindsay Lohan preferred to make a star-tattoo on her wrist, and the singer Bjork, as always, decided to bypass everybody and tattooed a star behind her ear. Anyway, stars are usual people too and they are not alien from the universal values and the wish to look unusual and to attract attention to their appearance, they have even more than anybody else.

Pictures and Photos about Christina Aguilera Tatoo:

Christina Aguilera Tatoo on Neck Christina Aguilera Tatoo Christina Aguilera Tatoo

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Britney Spears Tattoo on Neck Britney Spears Tattoo Britney Spears Tattoo on Hand

Britney Spears Tattoo Britney Spears Tattoo

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David Beckham Tattoo on Shoulder David Beckham Tattoo David Beckham Tattoo

David Beckham Tattoo on Neck David Beckham Tattoo on hand

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Johnny Depp Tattoo Johnny Depp Tattoo Johnny Depp Tattoo on hand

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Lindsay Lohan Tattoo on Hand Lindsay Lohan Tattoo Lindsay Lohan Tattoo

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Victoria Beckham Tattoo on Neck Victoria Beckham Tattoo on Hand Victoria Beckham Tattoo

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Anna Kournikova Tattoo