Flower Tattoos Symbolism

Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos Symbolism

Here are a couple of words about flower tattoos symbolism. Flower tattoos are very beautiful and feminine tattoos, but it does not mean that they suit only to women; men also make flower tattoos very often. Besides, they can have different sense.

For example, lily is a symbol of cleanliness, besides, some people put into it the sense of erotic love while the lotus flower is a symbol of good luck, world and revival. A bouquet of flowers tattooed on skin, can tell a lot about the person who carry it.

For example, a person, who promises to store the fidelity of his first love, can make a lilac tattoo surrounded with ivy. And a person, who thinks that he is courageous and successful, can make round his hand a tattoo looking like a chain of dolphins and the flowers of stafanotis (the Madagascar jasmin).

Flower tattoos are good because of their diversity both on the size, design, and color scale.

It is possible to make them small and simple, using only one tiny flower, it is possible to make them big, rising up. They can be bright and colorful, or dark and expressive.

One of the most intriguing designs of this tattoo is a tree with black, red, dark blue or violet flowers blossoming on its long branches.

It is possible to expand the sense of this tattoo, by uniting the symbolic of flowers with the symbolic of leaves. Though in nature, you won’t be able to see the olive leaves growing near by the space flower, but placing the image of this flower in the centre of olive leaves, you can express your feeling of peace and rest.

The flower in the form of a bowl, that plays a passive role in the fertilization, is already for a long time considered as a female symbol.

Today the symbolism of flowers remains substantially hidden from us. You can still discover a lot of secrets for yourself in art, literature, folklore and mythology. Also according to the memories of ancient doctors and grass dealers, flowers brought pleasure, happiness and love, and were also used for healing sick people, and also as the last pleasure in the life of a dying person.

As well as the well known rose, iris is a flower which has a deep symbolism too. Iris the Greek goddess of rainbow, transferred female souls to underworld, that is why iris started to associate with death. But at the same time, having right of pass to the nay ward, Iris was the envoy of gods in the underworld and was the bulletin of good news or messages. Its three petals symbolize fate, courage and wisdom.

In Christianity three petals of iris became the symbol of the Sacred Trinity. Its white-blue color started to associate with Maiden Maria. During the meeting with Maria, Archangel Gabriel had this flower in his hand, as a symbol of cleanliness. In the medieval England, noblewomen often attached to iris the significance of advantage and included its image in their personal press. In 5th century the iris image has been included in the heraldic press of the French monarchy.

The names of violet, hyacinth, and narcissus flowers are taken from the Greek mythology. The violet, for example, took its name from the small nymph Io, strongly loved by Zeus. The modest violet is a favorite flower throughout centuries for its sweet aroma and heart-shaped leaves. During the medieval times it was considered as a symbol of true love, humility and chastity. However, in Ancient Rome, violets were funeral flowers and were a symbol of rest. And today, the purple color is a mourning symbol.

Anemone and poppy are two more flowers, connected with death and a dream. The poppy, is a symbol of the soldiers fallen during last two world wars.

According to one of the myths, anemone raised from tears of Aphrodite mourning the Adonis.

According to one of the Greek myths, the goddess of spring Flora which cared of all plants, once jealous her husband to the nymph Anemone. And has transformed her into a fine spring flower.

However in the medieval culture, the anemone had absolutely different sense consisting in protection from evil.

The natural simplicity of daisies, snowdrops and hand bells has inspired many enamored, artists and poets to sing the praises in their honor, but they also have a negative side. The daisy can be a symbol of innocence. The hand bell that symbolizes constancy and eternal love, can bring misfortune if to break it. The same way the snowdrop, symbolizing hope and returning to life after long winter, is very poisonous and can bring misfortune in the house.

Flowers for many times were a weapon of lover when the decencies forbade passionate declarations of love. The bouquet could contain the coded sense. The Victorians used the secret language of flowers with a big success. A carnation, honeysuckle and primrose – each of them could tell something unique being in a bouquet. The white carnation which is considered a sensual flower, and being a symbol of betrothal, love and fertility, became a popular wedding flower. The yellow carnation served for refusal, red pointed at heart sick of love. The honeysuckle meant eternal love, its aroma provoked dreams about the subject of passion. The offer to accept the small flowers of primrose, were sacred for the Norwegian goddess of love Freya, and was a symbol of the first love.

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