The Most Tattooed Flowers

Flower Tattoos

The Most Tattooed Flowers

Flower tattoos are very popular. People of the different nations and different nationalities, make themselves different flower tattoos. But there are some flowers which are the most tattooed flowers. These flowers are: rose, lily and lotus.

Rose. Among all the flowers, one of the most tattooed flower on a body is rose. It is strange enough, but rose is popular enough both at men, and at women. The rose tattoo is considered a symbol of passion, cleanliness and chastity. Among all the flowers which are in the series of old school tattoos, a tattoo the rose is the conclusive leader. The red rose is a love symbol. If a rose is represented without thorns it says about the love at first sight. As the legend of ancient Greeks says, the white rose appeared in the moment when the Goddess Aphrodite was born in sea foam. Later it became red. There is also one legend about how the rose has got thorns. According to this legend there lived one very beautiful girl who had no feelings to anybody. And once men of her settlement were angry and rushed into her house. Seeing all this, the Goddess Diana has transformed the girl into a rose, and her boyfriends into thorns. What does the tattoo of rose on a body mean? In the different countries the rose tattoo means different things. For example, in Japan, it means tenderness, pride, love and power. In Russia the rose tattoo means a Paradise Flower, thanks to its perfection, beauty and fragrance, or as a symbol of martyrdom because of its sharp thorns. In Italy, rose is symbol of beauty, spring and prosperity. In Egypt roses were devoted Isis, symbolizing the pure love released from all carnal, and were used in the mysteries of Isis and Osiris. In China rose means prosperity, fragrance, sweet in desolation. In Greece, this flower is a symbol of mystery. The rose tattoo means the symbol of the latent potential of a person and is the most perfect symbol of all flower symbols.

rose most tattooed flower rose most tattooed flower on back rose most tattooed flower on hand

rose most tattooed flower on shoulder rose most tattooed flower

Lily. Lily is also one of the most tattooed flowers, it is one of the most widespread and ancient symbols of cleanliness, peace, calmness, nobleness, greatness, pride, glory and innocence. The lily symbol in the western cultures on the importance can be compared only with lotus flower in east cultural traditions; even their values are very similar. The lily flower tattoo is considered as a female symbol, and can also mean youth, early death and revival. Thanking to the legend that the white lily and the white rose among flowers take the same place, as diamond among stones, the lily sometimes personifies riches. The lily flower tattoo in Christian tradition symbolizes Maiden Maria, cleanliness, modesty, humility, innocence, Immaculate Conception. Ancient Greeks and ancient Romans considered lilies as the attributes or emblems of goddesses-virgins. In cultures of many nations, including the people of ancient Egypt, the lily personified fertility. German legends tell that elves live in lilies. In ancient Rome, on Crete lily images were used by the representative of noble estates, in France lily became a royalty emblem.

lily most tattooed flower lily most tattooed flower lily most tattooed flower on neck

lily most tattooed flower on shoulder lily most tattooed flower

Lotus. The lotus today is one of the conventional symbols of East and east culture. The lotus flower tattoo symbolizes perfection, life and death, light, reality basis, beauty, spiritual growth, divine birth, purity and cleanliness, fertility, immortality, peace and calmness, the union of the sun and the moon, happiness. This flower has a lot of values and secret senses, because in each culture in it was had a special sense usually very different from others. The lotus flower tattoo is very popular today and can be met at people of different cultures. There is no wonder if to consider how deep the symbolical sense of this flower is. The lotus flower tattoo in the Egyptian style symbolizes intelligence, immortality, revival and royalty. The Chinese culture defines a lotus as a symbol of cleanliness, grace of spirit, summer, perfection, nobleness and unity of the past, the present and the future. The lotus flower tattoo in style of ancient Greece or ancient Rome is an emblem of the goddess of love. The lotus image in Hinduism personifies the Universe, creation, disclosing of spiritual abilities, cleanliness, clearing from the terrestrial dirt and immortality. In the Taoist tradition the lotus is a solar flower, as well as in Iran, it is associates with the life at space level.

lotus most tattooed flower lotus most tattooed flower on back lotus most tattooed flower on leg

lotus most tattooed flower on shoulder lotus most tattooed flower most tattooed lotus flower on shoulder