Temporary Henna Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

Temporary Henna Flower Tattoos

Tattoo is an ancient art which is claimed nowadays too. For those who are afraid of a real flower tattoo, there are temporary henna flower tattoos. Henna is a bush, the paint which is used for body drawings is made of it. The temporary henna tattoo is made in three stages. At the first stage the integument is processed by eucalypt oil, after that peeling is made. Further the syringe is filled with the henna structure. The structure has to be prepared 30 minutes before the process of tattooing starts; it looks like a porridge that consists of henna powder, warm water and a small amount of lemon juice. At the third stage the picture of a flower is drawn by a felt-tip pen on any soft plastic and put to skin, the print is led round by henna. For richer color the procedure has to be done two times.

Today the popularity of temporary henna flower tattoos grows every day. It happens because of its conclusive pluses. First of all, it is safety and ecological compatibility. The great value for many people, is a possibility to change or completely remove a flower tattoo.

There are no strict rules in painting by henna, even the color of a picture is always different. The shade depends on the structure of the used paste, the skin of the tattoo carrier, and also the time interval which has passed from the moment tattooing. The traditional red-brown color keeps during 24-48 hours, and then gradually darkens. At this time it is necessary to avoid the water on it.

Each culture has its own traditions of tattooing and ornaments. The henna tattoo is one of the most ancient practices of body ornament. It is possible to say that the influence of ethnic traditions on the European culture is observed.

Modern henna tattoos keep Indian and African motives till now. Women of the East, India and the North Africa since ancient times painted themselves with henna on the occasion of holidays. Their traditions have reached nowadays. From Berbers from the North Africa we have brought the most modest graphic pictures in our culture. They consist of the stylized hyphens, points and hooks. From Islamic culture of Africa large plant patterns have come to us.

Style with the Indian tendencies is called HennaMehndiTatoo. It also often traces in the tattoos of our contemporaries. Graceful female patterns which prevail in this style harmoniously suit to the natural color of henna. Basically in India the filigree lines and bends similar to laces are displayed on hands and feet.

Slightly indistinct lines of drawing are characteristic for the HennaMehndiTatoo style.

It is interesting that according to Indian tradition every picture has its own sense. Here are some of them. The motives: «rupa» – corporal, «iati» – revival (looks well on a navel), “svar” – the sun and «atman» – egoism (is very beautiful on a hand, wrist, on foot).

For reproduction the picture is transferred on parchment by transfer techniques. Thus the image can be extended, diversified or combined.

Henna flower tattoos are good for men too.

Men in most cases use the stylized ornaments of type of bracelets. However it is possible to execute almost any conceived image with henna.

Today is developing the western style of henna tattoo. However their influence is much less in comparison with the ethnic direction. The modern European youth prefer traditional flower and plant ornaments, stylized hieroglyphs and the images of zodiacal signs in different styles. Today a small henna flower tattoo is extraordinary popular. Usually small tattoos are done on wrists, feet, shoulders, ankles and neck.

Girls make bracelets and barbed wire on hands, artificial necklaces or chains on neck etc. Modern tools allow to create everything for your soul. It is fine, when the clothes and footwear is in the same style with a tattoo on hands or feet.

Sometimes there are logos or simply names of various trade marks on the human bodies. A henna tattoo as any temporary detail of decor is an ideal advertising material for parties, show and presentations. This advertising gimmick essentially stimulates activity of sales and raises their volumes. Many leading companies use this way. There are the manufacturers of drinks, tea, cars, home appliances, clothes and perfumery among them. Many celebrities also decorate their bodies with pleasure with henna tattoos.

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Temporary henna flower tattoos Temporary henna flower tattoos Temporary henna flower tattoos Temporary henna flower tattoos