Styles of Tattoos

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Styles of Tattoos

What can we say about styles of tattoos? A nice illustration to formally similar styles Biomechanics and High-Tech are texts of novels of Clive Barker who describes monster themes of merging human body with machine mechanisms. Or for example the works of artist Geiger. The one who created and embodied in drawings the well-known monsters from the “Alien” movie which narrates about the invasion of terrible creatures with acid instead of blood, on our Galaxy, who remind a mutant hybrid of mantis and octopus. However, these creatures have their charm and influence on people, inclined to believe both in the most awful world, and the possibility of overcoming troubles by tattoos.

In the above mentioned styles mutants can be represented too: wires, the mechanisms passing through the body or accreted with it, are largely allocated. Distinctly draw in the technical details of the image or the outlines of human brain. Usually dark colors are used, and the shades are allocated, but bright colors are used too.

Celtic Style includes the most beautiful; difficulty bounded Celtic patterns, knots, rings, figures of animals, and also Picts tattoos that lived England in ancient times. Many tribes occupying the ancient areas of Wales, Brittany, Gallia, had such images on their bodies.

The main Celtic designs were developed and drawn by monks in the 7 century AD

The images of human hands, swastikas, cabbalistic symbols, various crosses are usually used as sign figures.

Besides the strongly allocated sign of the bound patterns, Celtic is also characterized by special quality. It is possible to name it “northern” style, because this style absorbed the hardness, courage, fidelity and at the same time the completeness of the cycle brightly shown in the symbol of circle – a circular bracelet, inherent to the northwest people (Celts, Vikings). The combination of symbolical patterns with exact figures gives a large field for interpretation of the sense of such tattoo – from the real possibility of self-knowledge of the individual with the help of special practice to the simple admiration with the complexity of a pattern and the filigree skill of the execution of a pattern.

But there is a separate subgroup without which the Celtic characteristic won’t be completed. These are close to this direction (as Tribal style) the plant ornaments. Exactly ornaments (stylization), but not the images of flowers and trees that are close to Oriental style of tattoos. The stylized ornaments include both the beauty of flora, and deeper senses put into the image of a tree or an ornament by the Celtic wise men-druids. According to horoscopes of druids, each person has its own tree: oak, nut, fur-tree, ash-tree, birch…

The monsters, the unreal beings created both by dark, and light, sorcerers, mermaids, gnomes, giants, spirits, witches, phantoms, skulls, skeletons, bats all these are the prerogative of this style.

Pictures and Photos about Celtic Style:

Celtic Style Tattoo Celtic Style Tattoo Celtic Style Tattoo

Celtic Style Tattoo on Shoulder

Fantasy. All this is the reflexion of the fantastic parallel worlds which are so close to us and at the same time so far. The material of the fantastic literature of different genres, its plots and images are often used by tattoo masters, working in the Fantasy style. These tattoos made by a person, characterize him as a romanticist who has a lot of dreams and a rich inside world, sometimes something not realized by them.

Pictures and Photos about Fantasy Style:

Fantasy Style Tattoo Fantasy Style Tattoo Fantasy Style Tattoo

Fantasy Style Tattoo

New School is new direction in tattoo; it is possible to say that it is not reconnoitered and clear both for the tattoo masters and for the tattoo carriers yet. There are masters successfully mastering New School and its subgroups: Ecstasy or Acid, which essence of style is clear without explanations. Cyber-punk – for the fans of any mutants, but connected with the computer games theme. Wild subgroup develops the fonts similar to graffiti. Comic’s fans forward theme of numerous cartoon characters.

New Tradition is close to cartoon to techniques of tattoo execution. The specificity of this style is that in the tattoo image the part of surface of skin remains clear, not painted. In the general context of the image it is not less important, than its painted area. The visual part is significant in any tattoo, and is always allocated in New School with its courageous colors and easily readable images, especially from long distances.

There are no restrictions in New School! The main condition of the style is the maximum of imagination, humor, psychedelic and abstraction.

Pictures and Photos about New School Style:

New School Style Tattoo New School Style Tattoo New School Style Tattoo on Hand

New School Style Tattoo on Shoulder

Realism assumes the exact image of people and animals, the thinnest strokes, shades, the scrupulous portrayal of the slightest details. The realism as a style in tattoo appeared in the middle ages, having found its new face in the beginning and the in the middle of the XX-th century.

Pictures and Photos about Realism Style:

Realism Style Tattoo Realism Style Tattoo Realism Style Tattoo on Shoulder

Realism Style Tattoo

Oriental. The themes of this style are: classical east dragons, fishes (carps), water symbols, flowers (lotuses, chrysanthemums), hieroglyphs, tigers, Buddhist symbols, and Sanskrit letters. The whole back, legs, chest and stomach part are used for the image in Oriental style tattoo and from the beginning is planned so that to cover as big area of a body as possible”. Asia is a great, fine and colorful continent. First of all these are of course: Japan, China, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Butane, Brunei, Nepal, India, Philippines. The countries, which gave the plentiful food for imagination in creation of plots and patterns for the unique Oriental style.

Pictures and Photos about Oriental Style:

Oriental Style Tattoo Oriental Style Tattoo Oriental Style Tattoo on Shoulder

Oriental Style Tattoo on Hand

Tradition or Old School Style These are: hearts, daggers, anchors, names, the elementary images of animals, flowers, pistols, diamond jacks and other subject motives, sometimes comic, and simply executed. Sometimes such pictures are made in order to show the adherence to gambling or to hint at the unfortunate love. The American tattoo style of 30th – 50th. The usage of special fonts, in something close to Gothic, but having some features in placing, for example, on waist is not a rarity in Tradition style. Such fonts were often made on the bodies of the New York gangster groupings members, designating like that their accessory to any district. That is why the Tradition style sometimes has something common with the criminal subjects. It is not necessary to do hasty conclusions about the propensities and qualities of a person who has a tattoo in Tradition style. It is always a question of personal priorities depending on the general culture of the individual and his life principles.

It looks like everything is simple in Tradition style. But you’ll distinguish at once the hand of a tattoo master from poor-quality work. The thing is in the quality of the image, brightness of paints, hardly appreciable stroke, in professionalism. There is nothing unusual in the thing, that there is a bridge from Tradition style to New School style, and one of the subgroups of New School style is named – New Tradition.

Pictures and Photos abouTradition or Old School Style:

Old School Style Tattoo Old School Style Tattoo Old School Style Tattoo

Old School Style Tattoo Old School Style Tattoo

Tribal is a very beautiful separate tattoo style. It is usually made by those who make a tattoo for the first time. It is quite explainable, because its smooth lines, concerning to Organic subgroup, representing ancient fishes with pointed fins, sea waves, ocean creatures, remarkably look on separate parts of a body, underlining its natural lines. It is very good as a binding element in difficulty constructed patterns of tattoos where it is unavoidable without its pointed black ends.

Besides Organic subgroup there is also geometric subgroup in Tribal style, in which tattoos are used various geometrical forms and figures.

Oceania, Indonesia, Micronesia with their numerous islands is the place where the Tribal style has arisen, has grown, has got stronger and has gone into the world. The special subgroups included in the general name, are: Indian direction with the whole group named Gaede, and also Maori, Polynesia, Micronesia, Borneo, Scythian tattoo, Maya, Aztec and Ink motives. They are allocated because of the bright distinctive signs, the complexity of semantic thrust, specification of patterns and motives, and sometimes are included in the general Tribal style named New Tribal.

The usage of Tribal style is especially interesting in a combination with other styles, for example, Tribal and New School, Tribal and Realism.

Pictures and Photos about Tribal Style:

Tribal Style Tattoo Tribal Style Tattoo Tribal Style Tattoo

Tribal Style Tattoo on Shoulder