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Sakura Flower Tattoo

Sakura flower tattoo – symbolizes spring blossoming, hope, youth, courage, and also female beauty and a feminine in nature (China). A symbol of quiet, reasonable current of time and fragility lives (Japan).

Sakura is a national flower of Japan. Since ancient times, Japanese found beauty in falling down petals of cherry color, admiring, how beautifully they are spinning, falling down on the earth. Cherry inflorescences were also an emblem of the Japanese army.

In the tattoo world, usually, doing a background round the tiger is drawn bamboo, but sometimes it is possible to meet sakura inflorescences.

From ancient times Japanese found falling petals of sakura more beautiful, rather than the whole blossoming tree, admiring how beautiful they are during the last moments of their life. Japanese consider that it is necessary to live like a flower and to die like sakura petals.

In the tattoo world the tiger’s head was usually surrounded by bamboo, but Horiyoshi-III purposefully added there sakura flowers (double buds sakura). The external background was striped, on the tree trunk there were names of his sons tattooed by the ancient letter. He had blossoming buds and falling down petals all over the body.

Body and hem were flowers of one tree therefore even if they will fall far from each other by all means they will meet next spring in relic Yasukuni, a place of flowers and urbanism.

There is something mystical in the word “sakura” which is often translated as “cherry”. Exactly about this the Japanese tell us in verses and other more scientific compositions. And the truth: the degree of worship for sakura from which you won’t get even berries, because sakura is not quite cherry, but an inedible version, causes respect. To the European, such cult can seem too excessive. R. Kipling skeptically wrote about it: «Today is the holiday of sakura blossoming, – the guide said. – All people will celebrate, pray, and will go to the tea gardens». It is possible to surround an Englishman with blossoming sakuras from different directions, and already in a day he will start to complain on smell ».

Nevertheless sakura is a national symbol of Japan. The word “sakura” entered into other languages too. If ancient Japanese told simply “flowers”, it meant sakura. The avenues from sakura trees are landed in front of temples. After the flowering of an sakura with a breathless attention nowadays are watching all the conceivable mass media, daily informing, where – from the south or the north the blossoming foamy-pink front has promoted today; and when sakura starts blossoming (in the end of March or in the beginning of April) crowds of quite serious in other life people are in a hurry to spread under it something polyethylene and to indulge vulgar drunkenness under a blossoming tree. All this together is named «sakura admiring».

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