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Rose Flower Tattoo

The rose is the flower which is tattooed more often.

Rose flower tattoo on a body is proud, imperious, but, nevertheless, carelessly in loved person.

Rose is a symbol of the latent potential of a person. In ancient oriental culture it incorporates such qualities, as tenderness, pride, love and power (Japan).

“Rose Garden” is a symbol of paradise and a place of mystical marriage, the unification of contrasts.

In Christianity rose is a paradise flower, because of its beauty, perfection and fragrance. White rose means innocence, cleanliness, chastity. Red means mercy and martyrdom, it has grown from the drops of blood of Christ on Golgotha. A garland of roses is a symbol of heavenly pleasure. Rose thorns are the sins which have begun with the fall of man, and “a rose without thorns”, or the Mystical Rose, is the Virgin released by Immaculate Conception from the consequences of the fall of man.

Rose flower tattoo was very popular in 1987. All advanced young ladies dreamt of such tattoo.

There is no doubt that roses, are most popular of all flowers, in 16 century rose tattoos were done to people who were sentenced to death and if these people escaped, it was possible to identify them easily according to the rose tattoo. Today rose tattoo symbolizes love and passion. Everybody knows that roses are romantic flowers and in all times roses intended for loved people.

Red rose is a symbol of love and passion; three roses mean «I love you». A rose without thorns means an easy attachment. A yellow or orange rose means ─ «lonely heart». And a bouquet of orange roses means exciting love!

The presented white rose means that you are the happiest in the world!

Rose is a sample of perfection and beauty ─ a white rose means modesty, mystery, tenderness … The symbol of cleanliness, innocence, eternal and strong Love! Do mistake, exactly Love, but not passion. The roses are also given as a sign of burning passion, but these are other roses!

White roses are given as a sign of sincere and pure Love! Saying – «you are an angel, believe, I am worth you! I will prove my love and necessarily I will achieve you!…»

White rose means innocence and cleanliness, and a combination of white and red roses means friendship, unity.

The rose flower tattoo has different senses: a gold rose means perfection. Red means desire, passion, pleasure, beauty, completeness. The white rose is a “light flower”, innocence, virginity, spiritual disclosing, and charm. Red and white roses symbolize the union of fire and water, the connection of contrasts. A blue rose is a symbol of unattainable and impossible. A rose with four petals personifies the quadro division of space. A rose with five petals means microcosm, and with six petals means macrocosm.

Legend about rose.

The native land of this beautiful flower is Persia. However the first mentions about roses have been found in Old Indian annals. In India it was considered as a symbol of the cleanest beauty. They had a special treatment to this flower in India. The way of deities and ruling persons is made of roses on different solemn actions and religious holidays. And the one, who presented rose to a king, could ask everything what he wanted. And the main thing was that the king had to perform his wish anyway. The victorious procession of rose in the East countries started with a legend which appeared in India. Lakshmi, the most beautiful woman who has ever stepped on the ground, was born from a bud of a gently pink rose. The Vishnu God has noticed her beauty at once and after some time he made her his wife. Since then Lakshmi became the goddess of beauty, and rose became a sacred flower.

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