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Peonies Flower Tattoo

Such flowers as peonies and buttercups symbolize richness if you have financial well-being, and you are especially happy with what you have, and then by all means a peony or a buttercup will decorate your body. The peony flower tattoo symbolizes richness, luck, love and honor.

Also in China the peony means machismo, light, glory, love, good luck, richness, spring, youth, happiness, the principle of yang (one of the few yang flowers).

In China this plant is considered a national flower, and also magic properties are attributed that protect from evil ghosts. Even the image of the magnificent flower depresses them. Therefore one of the most widespread plots of Chinese tableware list since ancient times became the image of flowers and stalks of peonies. However, it concerns trenches, to one of the 40 kinds extended in Europe, Asia and the North America, a plant – the dairy floral peony (Paeonia lactiflora) from which start about five thousand garden grades.

Peony is a flower of the emperor because it was considered that no insects touch it, except bee. It is often associates with a peacock.

In Greece the peony meant healing.

In Japan the peony is a symbol of wedding, fruitfulness, spring, glory, richness, success of life and pleasure.

The peony got it’s name from the name of the doctor of Olympic gods Peon, or Paean, «granting light». Sometimes Apollo or a mortal person carrying his spirit was named like that. Later this title passed to doctor-god Asclepius. The followers of Asclepius were called «paeoni», they executed thankful hymns for wonderful recover, from here there appeared a word in English language «paeans» («paean», «a victorious or laudatory song»).

Galen – the well-known doctor and the theorist of medicine asserted that a woman who has problems with menstrual cycle, for restoration of the normal functioning of the organism should carry a slice of a peony’s root on her neck.

Since the times of ancient world the peony is known not only as a decorative plant, but also as a herb. The ancient Roman philosopher of the I century b.c. Pliny the Senior listed twenty illnesses, cured with a  peony rhizome.

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