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Pansies Flower Tattoo

The pansies flower tattoo means reflexion. Exactly these unpretentious flowers have been entered into culture more than a hundred years ago in England. They are obliged by it to the gardener Thompson who has found and brought the wild version of violet Viola tricolor. Viola tricolor started to cross with Viola lutea, Viola altaica and Viola cornuta therefore received a lot of new grades and hybrids. These plants were so different from the initial kinds that there was a necessity to allocate them in a new, artificially received kind-Viola x wittrokkiana. In England pansies till now are considered one of the most favorite plants. Even leaving for other countries, some Englishmen make tattoos of these cheerful flowers as a memory of the native land. From England violets moved to France, Germany, and then to Russia.

In modern pansies very few people can recognize a modest Viola tricolor. The grades of pansies including all conceivable and inconceivable colorings and forms are improbably good.

In different countries and at different people the sense of pansies flower tattoo is connected with various legends. One of legends says that in the three-colored petals of pansies were reflected three periods of life of a girl with kind heart and trustful eyes. She lived in the country, trusted any word, found the justification to any act. On the trouble she met an artful seducer and fell in love with him with her whole heart. And the young man was frightened of her love and went away, assuring that he will return soon. The girl looked at road for a long time, silently dying from melancholy. And when she died, on her grave there appeared flowers in which three-colored petals were reflected: hope, surprise and grief.

Ancient Greeks connected the occurrence of these flowers with the daughter of agorsky tsar Io who fell in love with Zeus, for what was transformed into a cow by his wife Gera. In order to brighten up the life of his love, Zeus has grown up pansies for her which symbolized a love triangle and, on the one hand, equated the simple mortal to the goddess, and on the other, kept the belief that the damnation of Gera is not eternal.

Romans saw in the flowers, similar to inquisitive faces, the unduly curious people whom gods have transformed into plants when they secretly peeped beyond the bathing Venus. In the flower symbolic of medieval Europe pansies mattered forget-me-nots, therefore in France and England it was accepted to frame with them the portraits of close people. Frenchmen called them “flowers for memory”, Englishmen – “warm calm and warm pleasure”, the bouquet of pansies presented to someone, meant the declaration of love. In Poland the bride gave pansies to the driving off groom that meant the eternal memory and fidelity.

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