Painful Places for a Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoos

Painful Places for a Flower Tattoo

What can we say about painful places for a flower tattoo.Temptation to decorate your body with a small flower or the whole flower composition usually is more powerful than the thought about the pain which you’ll have to overcome for the sake of high art. In order to get rid of it and concern adequately to the process realities, it is enough for to understand that pain, as well as everything that surrounds us, is concept relative. Thanks to this it is perceived by many people as given specific sensations to which from time to time they want to come back, – by the way, more often it happens like that.

We will notice that in the most case, the pain during tattooing doesn’t depend only on organism specific features, but also from skills of the tattoo expert, volume of work, place of tattooing and the tools used by the tattoo master. In an ideal way the tattoo is put on a body with a special device in which special ink is used as a painting substance. Of course its penetration under the skin during the piercing with a needle is rather, sensitively. The feelings are especially strong in the beginning of the session and after four-five hours of master’s work when the needle of the machine beats on the already pierced place. During the other period of time it is not a big work to suffer the pain

To tell you the truth, the sensitivity can amplify in those places where the skin is rather thin or the needle comes very close to a bone.  It basically happens in the field of the internal part of a hip, elbows, knees, genitals and armpits. The painful threshold is rather low on shoulders, feet, buttocks and back. The hand is considered the most painless place for tattoo drawing. However we will say once again that the sensation of a pain very individually. A lot depends on the mood of a person and the sturdiness of his nervous system. That is why, if in the beginning you will have a positive mood, to sacrifice a couple of hours of discomfort to the beauty, will cost you nothing.

As a last resort, the persons who are especially sensitive can have a drink before the procedure of tattooing, but a very small amount, the matter is that alcohol insignificantly expands vessels and raises pressure. As a result the blood from under the master’s needle does not exude, it streams. When streaming it washes away from the skin fresh paint. As consequence – after healing of wounds the tattoo contour becomes faded, and the efforts spent for the embodiment of the idea in a life are vain. In this case the “noble” pain that you overcame is vain too. So for the sake of beauty it is better to suffer a little bit, it is already the time to get used to such payment for it!

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Flower Tattoo on Armpit Flower Tattoo on Elbow Flower Tattoo on Elbow

Flower Tattoo on Hip Flower Tattoo on Hip Flower Tattoo on Hip

Flower Tattoo on Knee