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Orchid Flower Tattoo

The orchid flower tattoo – personifies magnificence, favor and luxury. In China it symbolizes a perfect person, harmony, refinement, love, beauty, female charm.

Mysterious orchids symbolize themselves a feminine. To it is also possible to add carelessness, and serenity.

Orchid flower tattoos also symbolize feminity, good taste and serenity.

Orchids are the most beautiful flowers in the world. The nature is like a skilful artist at whom any creation is unique. And orchid is one of her most remarkable creations.

It is difficult to find a plant, which can as charm with its extraordinariness, beauty, refinement and perfection, as an orchid. Besides from this word blows with mystery and legends generated both by antiquity, and the epoch of hunting for orchids. Not without reason at the British auctions of the last century it was possible to find the orchids which have grown on a human skull, to hear about dangers of death which have fallen on the thousands of orchid hunters. And how excitingly sound in Chinese poetry the comparisons with the beauty and aroma of orchids!

Orchidaceae – orchids, some free translation of this word sounds like: came from god. Even in ancient times people paid attention to the extraordinary beauty and the originality of the flowers, and they were highly estimated for only their peculiar aroma. The poets devoted poems to orchids, artists depicted them on their pictures, and botanists gave them the names of goddesses and beauties.

These are the most unusual and refined plants in which the attractive mystery of the far exotic countries is concluded. The orchid flower tattoo influences on the person inner world, inspiring the people of creative trades on creation of new works of art. Orchids give raw materials for the pharmaceutical and perfumery industry, but their main value is that they are unique, as any other creation of nature.

There are many legends connected with orchids. Orchids even appear on the pages of fantastic novels, acting in a role of the representatives of the unearthly civilizations. With an orchid which Oscar William always carried in his buttonhole, are compared his fairy tales: they are magical and are thin and fancifully decked…

The orchid is sensitive to the moods of other people and often possesses with extrasensory abilities. The person who has an orchid flower tattoo  trusts in all mysterious and mystical, he prefers to keep in secret his own experiences or to paint them in romantic crape, in their life nothing happens simply so; each meeting is an omen, each trifle is a sign.

The people, who make orchid flower tattoos, does not extend about the plans: whether they are afraid to malefic ate, whether they don’t want to be disturbed. Their life position is firm; such people do not give in on arrangements, they agree nod, but always do like they want.

They do not accept any authorities, and study only on their own experience. Sometimes they make fatal mistakes, but do not regret about them and as if they forget about them though the despair remains deeply in their soul.

The Orchid attracts the female sex with its mysteriousness, however sometimes the partner is disappointed in it, understanding that the height and the refinement were only a clever game. In general, people often think about the Orchid better, than it deserves that. It is a pity that under an attracting cover there can be lovely, but quite an ordinary person.

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