Orange Flower Tattoo

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Orange Flower Tattoo

In different countries, in different cultures and at different people flowers of orange tree have different meanings so as the tattoos of these flowers have different meanings. The orange flower tattoo symbolizes fertility; therefore Saracen brides carried it as a fruitfulness sign.

At Chinese the orange flower tattoo is a symbol of immortality and good luck.

In Christianity the orange flower means cleanliness, chastity and virginity that is why it was used in a wedding wreath.

In tattoos with the image of paradise the orange is a fruit of fall; in a hand of the baby-Christ it can be represented instead of an apple.

In the Ancient Greece the orange flower was Diana’s emblem.

In Japan the orange flower symbolizes pure love.

The custom according to which brides bore flowers of orange or decorated themselves, originates in Muslim wedding rituals. The orange symbolized simultaneously virginity and fertility and was image of Immaculate Conception as flowers and fruits could appear simultaneously on one tree. Thus, orange flowers symbolized virginity of the bride and simultaneously served as a magic thing for born children. The orange inevitably associated with maiden Maria, « simultaneously carrying a white flower of her virginity and the fetus of her purity».

Oranges have definitively affirmed in Europe only in XII century. They basically were grown in Southern France and on the Iberian Peninsula, and soon began to identify with the Gisperid’s gold apples from the Greek myth. In Persian language orange was called «narang», in Arabian – «naranj», and in Spanish – «naranja». The initial letter has been lost because of the mess with the indefinite article in English language – a word «a naranja» has gradually turned into «an orange».

Also orange tattoo is a symbol of immortality and good luck in China.

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