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Olive Tattoo

Olive tattos means immortality, fertility. In a wedding ceremony it provides fruitfulness, the peace and abundance (because its oil is very precious).

The olive branch tattoo, especially in pigeon’s beak, first of all, is the symbol of peace, and also the Golden Age. It also served as the award to the winner of competitions in honor of the Moon Maiden, like an apple-tree branch in competitions in honor of the Groom-sun. The olive tree tattoo is considered the dwelling of the Moon and serves as its emblem.

The olive wreath tattoo on the head of the winner identifies the girl with the Gera and the Moon, and the wreath of the winner of the Olympic Games from the branches of wild olive symbolizes Zeus; and both of them means the sacred marriage of Zeus and Gera – the Sun and the Moon. The olive leaf tattoo means the life renewal. In China olive tattoo means rest, firmness, generosity and refinement.

In Christianity the olive means church’s growth, orthodoxy and peace. A pigeon with an olive branch symbolizes flying away souls of saint, deceased in the world. In the scenes of Annunciation the archangel Gabriel is sometimes represented with an olive branch.

In Greek-Roman tradition the olive personifies achievement and peace. It was considered that the olive tree on the Acropolis bears in itself the life and destiny of people. Olive is the emblem of Zeus (Jupiter), Athena (Minerva), Apollo and Cybele. The olive wreath was put on by the winner of competitions in honor of Gera and Athena. In the Jewish tradition, olive means force, beauty and safety in trip.

The olive is a symbol of Athena who made a miracle, having planted the first olive tree in the Acropolis. The city was a dispute subject between Athena and the god of the sea Poseidon who, having struck his trident in the earth has created a fountain. Athena in her turn has thrust her spear in the earth which has turned into an olive tree – and from the Athenians point of view, it was a more valuable gift. Thus the city received her name and protection.

The olive tattoos are often associated with a pigeon because both of them are the symbols peace. This connection is obviously cast by Noah’s pigeon, which has returned to the ark with an olive branch in his beak and with this sign has announced that the God, who sent flood, was in peace. Nevertheless the magic force of olive can be used and for aggression too. The Odysseus has picked the Cyclops eye with a stake made from olive tree. The olive wreaths were given to Roman soldiers for the bravery in fight.

The olives, rich with oil were for ancient people one of few sources of fuel for lamps, greasing and vegetable oil. Thus, the cultivation of olive trees got a major value.

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