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Narcissus Flower Tattoo

Narcissus flower tattoo is a flower of spring, a symbol of death in youth (the narcissus blossoms and withers quickly). The Greek name of the flower (Narcissus) has the general root with a word “narcosis”. Narcissus is also named “an oblivion grass” (because of its narcotic properties). In China narcissus (Xu-zyan), or the water immortelle, symbolizes a loving couple (happy marriage) and in case when it blossoms in New Year’s Eve, – happiness in coming year.

Narcissus – delusiveness, hope, not mutual love

In Persia the narcissus smell was named the aroma of youth. Its direct and strong stalk made it in Islam an emblem of devoted service and belief.

The narcissus is a national emblem of Welshmen.

In language of flowers a narcissus tattoo is a symbol of deceptive hopes, desires, egoism. A narcissus is a flower shy enamored.

It is a flower of spring, a symbol of dream and revival. There are a lot of plants concerning to this type (including white narcissuses), and each of them can have its own symbolical meaning. In Ancient Greek mythology – the Narcissus is a beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflexion in water and died, because he had no forces to come off it. This story is usually used as an illustration of vanity, self-admiration or, in psychology, – a painful heart-searching, however probably the initial symbolical sense was more simple. The narcissus blossoms and withers quickly; according to I.J. Frazer’s statement in ancient world it was connected with the thing that the reflexion was considered as an omen of death and people were afraid of it. Persephone was collecting narcissuses when the chariot of god Hades appeared from under the earth and took her away in the underground kingdom. The narcissus was used in the ceremonies, devoted to goddesses Demeter; it was depicted on the gravestones, symbolizing the thought that death is only a dream.

The white narcissus is often used in China as analogue of lily, and in Christian art – as an attribute of Maiden Maria.

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