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Maple Leaf Tattoos

Maple Leaf is the famous symbol of Canada, it is on the Canada flag , and people of this country often make maple leaf tattoos, as a sign of patriotism and loyalty to their homeland. The red maple leaf , which has eleven endings – is a symbol of national freedom , the symbol of all Canadians and their army, so this patriotic tattoo is often made by Canadian soldiers . Also, the maple leaf can be seen on the government emblems, agencies and Canadian coins. Also by the end of the twentieth century it has also become a symbol of peace and good.

In Asia, particularly in Japan and China, the maple leaf was a symbol of love, it was very often engraved on the beds of the ancient inhabitants of these countries. The maple tree is very strong and steadfast, it does not afraid of cold weather and winds, so the maple leaf tattoos can be a symbol of strength, the force of spirit and body. Maple and Maple Leaf was also met in tattoos and arts of the ancient Celts, for them the maple leaf was a symbol of the struggle, betraying the strength to overcome obstacles and victories in battles.

For ancient Slavs, the maple was a  sacred tree. In Slavic legends the popular subject was the transoformation of a man in maple. The Serbian legends say that if in spring a resentful or unhappy person will touch the maple, it will dry up, and if a righteous, innocent convicted person will touch the maple, it will cover with green leaves. In Poland, the maple leaf was an attribute of dead, it was believed that the maple tree, wich was used to make a coffin could avoid the souls of dead from the devil.

For women, the maple leaf tatoo symbolizes a young man, slim and defiant. And if to believe the traditions of the Germans, maple symbolizes the beauty of life. In Ukraine the fallen maple leaves were an omen of partition with beloved persones.

Even today maple is a symbol of autumn and sadness it is associated with the taming of earthly passions. In prison maple leaf tattoos are mostly made to young criminals. Also, the maple leaf is often used in couple tattoo for lovers and is the oath of love and fidelity.

No matter what sense has the maple leaf tattoo for each person it depends on what goals has the person and what meaning he puts in this tattoo.

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