Magnolia Flower Tattoo

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Magnolia Flower Tattoo

Magnolias flower tattoos are very widespread tattoos; they symbolize love to the nature.

Magnolia flower tattoo is considered as a symbol of female purity, nobleness, persistence and the left love.

According to Chinese legends, in ancient times malicious bandits attacked a small peace settlement located in the heart of mountains. They ruined and burnt the village, killed all men, old men and children, and left alive only hundred of the most beautiful girls to themselves for entertainments. The aggressors had fun for ninety nine days and nights, and every morning killed one of captives. When the turn to die came to the last girl, she embraced the earth and begged: «Native earth, do not admit, that we were absolutely lost, leave us a small part of life»! And a miracle happened.

Next morning the robbers did not find their victims, instead of them in the centre of the area they saw a big beautiful tree with one hundred marvelous large white-pink buds which were ready to blossom. The bandits were frightened, and in furiousness they rushed on a tree and chopped it up on pieces. And where the branch of the miracle tree fell, there immediately grew a new one, with a hundred of gentle buds, a hundred revived maiden hearts blossomed on it. That tree was magnolia.

According to the Japanese version, magnolia appeared thanks to a young girl Kejko. The poor thing worked day and night, doing paper flowers. But they cost so cheaply that Kejko hardly earned to itself on meal. Once, an old wise parrot flew into her room. He made friends with the girl and revealed a secret to her: that in order to make paper flowers alive, it was necessary to them sprinkle with a drop of the blood, but, not to give the last drop.

From this day young Kejko started to create wonderful natural flowers. They cost much more money, and the girl ceased to require in something. Once, having bought a beautiful kimono, she went to a student’s ball. There Kejko met a poor student Arthur and fell in love with him. But the elect of the girl was greedy and mercenary. He wanted to live in a magnificent palace among beautiful things, and he forced the poor girl to work more and more. Finally came the moment when for money Kejko had to give the last drop of her blood and die. This scarlet flower which Kejko made alive with the last drop of her blood is Magnolia.

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