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Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower tattoo is a symbol of perfection because its leaves, flowers and fruits form a circle. The lotus personifies the spiritual disclosing, beginning to grow from dirt and slime and sprouting upwards through muddy waters in order to reveal on the sun and in the light of Heavens. Its root personifies the insolubility; the stalk – an umbilical cord adhering the person to his sources; the flower has the form of solar beams; the box with seeds symbolizes the fertile force of creation. The lotus flower tattoo has many meanings. It is a universal symbol in the East (in the West – a lily or a rose). There are solar and lunar aspects. Lotus also means death and a life. It appears in the images of gods of the Sun in Egypt and India, and also in images of lunar deities of Semitic religions. It is represented with Great Mother as the goddess of the Moon.

This “flower initially was a magnificent lily of Great Waters during the time when different creatures come and leave”. The lotus is the space rising from chaos, as the Sun which has ascended from a lotus in the beginning of the world. It is Light Flower, the result of interaction of creative forces of the Sun and the lunar forces of water.

Being a product of interaction of fire and water, it symbolizes spirit and matter. Being “a universal basis of all real things, it blossoms in waters of boundless possibilities”.

Lotus is a solar basis, a matrix. Revealing with dawn and being closed with sunset, it personifies its revival, so, and any other revival, creation, fruitfulness, updating and immortality.

The lotus is a perfect beauty. The opened flower, taking the form of a socket, personifies a wheel of solar matrix, the solar wheel of a continuous cycle of existence. Besides, it forms a bowl symbolizing the perceiving female principle.

Lotus is a “mover on waters” (the aperture in the seed box has the smaller size, than seeds in it and when the box bursts, seeds scatter to take root there where they will be carried away by water).

The lotus is also a symbol of an unusual or divine birth, coming clean from the dirt of waters. Gods shown coming out of the lotus, mark themselves the world growing from the elements of water, thus lotus symbolizes the Sun which is coming up from initial waters of Chaos.

Being solar-lunar, the lotus is also androgynous, self-sufficient and pure in its cleanliness. The image of the flame rising from a lotus is treated as divine revelation, and the union of dualistic forces of fire and water, the Sun and the Moon, the man and the woman.

The lotus flower and lotus sheet can support existence at any level.

In Assyrian, Phoenician and Hittite cultures, the lotus has funeral sense and personifies death and revival, resurrection and the future life, the productive forces of nature.

If the lotus is represented near a bull, than it has solar sense and associates with gods of the Sun. Represented with a cow, it becomes lunar and attribute of goddesses of the Moon. It often appears on the images together with a lion, ram, goose, swan and swastika. Associated with cobra the lotus means giving life and overcoming death force of Great Mother; the dual character of the shown world; the pressure between contrasts in the course of transformation in a final unity.

The thousand petal lotus tattoo a lotus is a symbol of Sun, the Heavenly arch, and in relation to a human it symbolizes skull. The throne in the form of lotus means perfection, harmony in the Universe, the top of spiritual perfection. Two lotuses mean the Top and Bottom Waters.

In Buddhism the lotus symbolizes initial waters; the potential possibilities of the shown world and the person in it; the spiritual disclosing and blossoming; wisdom, nirvana. The lotus stalk is a world’s axis on which there is a throne-lotus flower – the spirit top. The lotus is devoted to Buddha who came from a lotus in the form of flame and was named “the Lotus Pearl”. Buddha is considered the heart of lotus he sits on a throne in the form of a completely revealed flower.

Lotus is one of eight Treasures or Propitious omens. According to the tradition of the Chinese Buddhism, “the Lotus Heart” personifies the solar fire, and also time, invisible and all-consuming, disclosing all real, world, harmony, union. The full blossoming of lotus when it has a form of wheel personifies the Circle of Existence and is a symbol of Amitabha, Kuan-iiya and Mothers, and Buddha.

Bodhisattvas stood on the flowers which hadn’t blossomed yet. The attribute of White Tara, the Mother of all Buddhas, is the book of educating wisdom which lies on a lotus, symbolizing the spiritual blossoming.

In the Chinese culture the lotus means cleanliness, perfection, spiritual grace, the world, the female genius, summer, fruitfulness. Besides, the lotus personifies the past, the present and the future as every plant at the same time has buds, flowers and seeds. Lotus is a symbol of a noble person, grown from dirt, but not dirty (China).

At Egyptians the lotus means “the intelligence fire”, creation, fertility, revival, immortality, the imperial power. It is the emblem of the Top Nile where papyrus is the emblem of the Low Nile; imaged together, they represent their union, which is devoted to Gore: “He is from lotus”, “lotus is a pure, offspring of the Sun’s field” (the Book of dead). The four sons of Gore faced to Osiris on a lotus. Being connected with the god Amon-Ra in Thebes the lotus has solar sense and when it is held by Hathor it has lunar sense. As the attribute of Isis it personifies fertility, virginity, cleanliness, Mother-maiden.

In Hinduism the lotus is a symbol of universe as passive side of the shown world; the higher form or the aspect of the terrestrial; the creating force of eternal essence; the mover on the bosom of waters self-reproduced, self-born, immortal and spiritual human nature; disclosing of all abilities, the eternal life, the superhuman beginning, cleanliness, beauty, longevity, health, glory, good luck, especially for children.

The lotus often represented all four ancient elements, symbolizing the initial condition of the Universe before World’s creation when all these elements were a single whole in a space womb. The Earth is dirt in which the flower starts up roots, water feeds its stalk. Its flowers smell as air, giving their aroma to the wind. Sun fire gives fruitfulness gives to lotus. The red lotus symbolizes Mother India. On many illustrations is depicted the stylized lotus in the left hand of the Persian tsar is represented; in the right hand he holds the staff or the scepter of the man’s force symbolizing the union with the Goddess. Further governors put the same sense in the combination of scepter and orb.

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