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Lily Flower Tattoo

The lily flower tattoo – in the West the lily has the same symbolic, as a lotus in the East. Some lilies on one stalk mean virginity, revival and immortality.

During ancient times people worshipped to lilies as to one of the finest creations on the Earth. «Let your way will be covered by roses and lilies» – so sounded the well-being wish.

The lily flower tattoo is a symbol of the world and purity in Russia, a symbol of hope in Ancient Greece. And in France these flowers designate justice, mercy and compassion.

Lily is a flower of greatness and, glories, but not only this, almost; any bouquet of the bride does not manage without lilies now. It is because lily is a flower of “heavenly happiness», the marriage bed of Zeus and Gera was covered with lilies.

The white lily, as it is known, designates cleanliness of thoughts, naivety and the tenderness of nature. If you possess such qualities, this is your flower.

This is one of the most ambiguous symbols among flowers it is identified with Christian religiousness, cleanliness, innocence, but also, in old traditions, associates with fertility and erotic love because of it pestle similar to phallus and specific aroma. In Christian art there are white lilies which in XIX century were named “Madonna” – in association with Maiden Maria (the lily was also the attribute of her betrothed Joseph and many other sacred). They were often imaged in a vase or in hands of Archangel Gabriel in the scenes of Annunciation. Fine lilies in a valley have the same symbolism. As one of the most preferable garden flowers in ancient times, lilies were considered as the legendary flowers: because they grew from milk of the goddess of Earth Gera. Lilies were connected with fertility not only in Greece, but also in Egypt and everywhere in the Near East where they were a popular motive in patterns. Lilies symbolized prosperity and the royalty in Byzantium, and, most likely this fact, instead of connection with cleanliness, was at the reason of the fact that lilies became an emblem of France. The emblematic sense of lily in images of the Christian sacred occurs basically from the Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus used the well-known «lily fields» as an allegory of, how the God will remunerate those who refused the thirst of a profit (the Gospel from Matthew, 6:28-30), however now anemones are considered as these flowers. One more bible mention (The Song of Songs of Solomon, 1:2) it is a comparison, of lips of beloved with lilies, possibly red. White lilies can sometimes symbolize death as well as cleanliness, and they are often represented as a sign on fast death. A water lily (lotus) is absolutely different plant with wider symbolical sense.

Lily also symbolizes cleanliness, rest, revival and royalty. It is devoted to all Virgin Goddesses, Mother, to the Common. Besides, the lily personified fruitfulness of the Goddess of the Earth, and subsequently the gods of the Sky.

The tattoo of a lily surrounded with thorns, means Immaculate Conception, the cleanliness among the sins of our world. It Is an emblem of sacred Anthony of Padua, Francis of Assisi, Casmir, Catherine of Siena, Clara, Dominic, Evfinia, Francis Xavier, Joseph.

The lily tattoo represented on one part, and a sword on another, mean, accordingly, innocence and fault.

At Jews the lily means trust to the Lord and is an emblem of Judas knee.

In Islamic symbolic the lily can be replaced with hyacinth.

In Minoan culture the lily is the main attribute of the goddess Britomartis.

In Summer-Semitic tradition the lily means fertility and fruitfulness.

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