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Jasmine Flower Tattoo

The Jasmine flower tattoo – symbolizes feminity, sweet, grace and appeal (China). In Christian culture it is a symbol of grace, elegance, the symbol of Maiden Maria. The jasmine and crocus tattoos can be seen at an infinitely happy person.

Here is a legend about jasmine. Already several millennia ago were known about the useful properties of this flower. In ancient China jasmine was added in green tea, it washed out eyes and applied in cough treatment. Melliferous flowers of jasmine were often used in cosmetic purposes for toning the skin. The myth about jasmine says that this flower was presented to ancient Greeks by the goddess of wisdom Athena. Therefore it often decorated hair. It was considered that thus the jasmine clears consciousness and puts thoughts in order.

Many people consider that this plant has occurred from India – from northern parts of the Himalaya valleys though now it is cultivated on all the territory of India. Others consider its native land is the territory of modern Iran.

From ancient times the jasmine is considered as “the king of flowers”. The name “jasmine” occurs from the Persian word “iasmin” which means a sweet smelling flower. It is also a Persian female name. Most likely, this plant was brought in Egypt till times of the XXI dynasty (about 1000 B.C.). There is a mention that the Chinese emperor of Sung dynasty (960-1279) enjoyed the aroma of jasmine growing in his palace. In the end of XV century jasmine was grown for kings of Afghanistan, Nepal and Persia.

The Jasmine varieties were used in perfumery. It was delivered through the seas, since areas along the Arabian Sea, such as Persia and India, then through Red sea to Egypt. Across the Aegean Sea they got to Turkey and Greece. Then they extended along the Mediterranean Sea from Africa through Egypt, Algeria and Morocco, having reached in the beginning of 17 centuries France and Italy through Spain. This plant was imported in Great Britain in the second half of 17 centuries.

Jasmine sambac (”Maid of Orleand”, not terry version), sampaguita is a national flower of Philippines. The jasmine flower tattoo is a symbol of cleanliness, simplicity, humility and force.

In France pipes and flutes were made of its trunks. Jasmine flowers are melliferous, and young leaves are good seasoning for salads. Scientists noticed that jasmine smell tones up and raises brain functions. Jasmine is one of the main plants used in perfumery. It was brought in Europe from East in the beginning of XVIII-th century. As well as rose, jasmine for a long time was the favorite flower of the East. It was considered that jasmine clears blood.

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