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Iris Flower Tattoo

The iris flower tattoo means a wise love. If you want a tattoo with a symbol of wisdom and advantage, than you have to choose iris. Iris is a plant that symbolizes cleanliness, greatness, innocence. The name is given in honor of the Greek goddess of rainbow Iris. At the different people the iris has different senses, so as well as the tattoos of this flower.

This flower was known to people very long time ago. The Iris images were found on Crete among lists of the Knossos palace constructed in the end of the III millennium B.C.

For motley flowers of all colors of rainbow this plant is named with name of the Greek goddess Iris who came down on the earth to announce people the will of gods. And the name “iris” which means “rainbow in Greek” was given to it by the doctor and scientist Hippocrates.

The iris flaunted on the municipal arm of Florence. Romans named the city surrounded with plantations of white iris, Florence that means “blossoming”.

In Japan the iris protected houses from fatal influence. In any Japanese family where there are sons, in traditional Day of boys (the fifth day of the fifth moon) from flowers of iris and wild orange is made a magic talisman (“May pearls”) because in Japanese language the word iris and the word “martial spirit” is designated with the same hieroglyphs. According to the legend “The May pearls” has to install courage in soul of the young man: even the leaves of this plant are very similar to swords.

At Christians iris and iris flower tattoos symbolize cleanliness, protection, but it also became a symbol of grief and pain, the reason for that is its sharp wedge leaves which likely personified the sufferings and grief of heart of the Mother of god from sufferings of the Christ. Very often you can meet blue iris as such symbol on the images of Maiden Maria. The iris can also symbolize Immaculate Conception.

As a religious symbol for the first time iris appears in painting of early Flemish masters, and on the images of Maiden Maria as with lily, and instead of it. This symbolical sense is connected with the thing that the name “iris” is means “a lily with a sword” in what there is a hint on Maria’s grief about the Christ.

Legend about iris

A wonderful flower has blossomed on one edge of the forest.  And the wood animals and birds started to argue to whom it belongs. They argued for four days, until the dispute was resolved by itself. The seeds of Iris have ripened, and the wind has carried them every which way.

According to a legend the first iris has blossomed a couple of millions years ago and was so beautiful that not only animals, birds and insects came to admire it, but also water and a wind which then have carried the ripened seeds on all over the Earth. And when the seeds sprouted and blossomed, the iris became one of favorite plants of human. From a long distance irises look like small lighthouses, specifying the way to seamen.

And here is one more legend about irises. Once the rainbow before to disappear, was scattered on parts. The wonderful splinters of rainbow have fallen on the ground and charming flowers have sprouted. So the irises have blossomed because of rainbow pieces. There is one more sea legend according to which the irises grew from the tears of a fisher woman who cried a lot because of the long separation with her husband.

Another legend says. When titan Prometheus stole heavenly fire from the Olympus and presented it to people, a rainbow of marvelous colors has flashed on the Earth- so great was the pleasure of all creatures. Already the sunset was over, and the day ended, and the sun went away, but the rainbow still shone over the world, granting hope to people. And didn’t go out till dawn. And when the sun came back on its place in the morning has again returned, on the place where the magic rainbow was burning and shining have blossomed irises…

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