Interesting Facts about Tattoos

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Interesting Facts about Tattoos

Here are some interesting facts about tattoos:

1. At ancient Slavs the tattoos were basically carried by women. Pictures on a skin were ritual talisman for keepers of a home.

2. John Kennedy has reduced his tattoo only under the insistence of his wife (He had a turtle on his shoulder), and Winston Churchill had a tattoo in the form of an anchor. By the way, in 1900 it has been established that 90 % of seamen of Naval Forces of the USA have tattoos. The turtle means that the seaman has crossed the equator.

3. Catholic church is not against tattoos at all. Turning into their religion the natives, Catholics made tattoos in the form of a cross or the crucifixion to the new turned in order they were not able to pass in other belief. Now there are more than a hundred officially registered associations of Christian tattoos which offer services in making tattoos with iconographic scenes and initial texts. At desire it is possible even to consecrate a tattoo.

4. In the British royal family tattoos are approved since 1862 when the future king Edward VII has made a cross-shaped tattoo on his hand. Prince Charles had a tattoo too, but he reduced it shortly before wedding with Diana. Almost over the whole body of English king Harold there were tattoos of scenes of military fights.

5. At the Japanese geishas the tattoo was considered as one of five proofs of love. Others four were: trimming of hair, writing of a love oath, trimming of nails and, at last, cutting of little finger.

6. The history about the wittiest tattoo. During the war in Vietnam an American recruit made a tattoo in the form of two indecent words on the edge of his right palm. It was visible only when he saluted, so he was not taken to the army.

7. The most “tattooed” person in the world lives on the Skye island in Scotland. 99,9 % of the surface of his skin is covered by a tattoo which repeats a pattern of skin of a leopard. The only sites of his body which has not been covered with a tattoo, remain between fingers of his feet and inside his ears

8. Victoria Beckham makes tattoos in the form of the names of the close people on her ass. There are already a tattoo with her own name, the name of her husband and the first son. Not long ago she made a tattoo with the name of her second son on the other part of her ass. By the way, they say that Victoria wants to leave the show business and to give birth to five more children.

9. Also tattoos had Albert Einstein, Nikolay II and Stalin.