How to choose a tattoo

Flower Tattoos

How to choose a tattoo

How to choose a tattoo that suits exactly you: A tattoo should reflect something connected to you. You don’t have to hurry up when choosing a tattoo, because later you can regret a lot. To say correctly, you need to think about something that is close to your heart, only then you will choose an ideal tattoo for yourself. Right after that it is necessary for you to go to a tattoo master or an artist who will reflect your thoughts on paper. So it will be much easier to understand, what to deal with.

If you already have any slightest idea about the tattoo in your head, it is necessary to look in the Internet the catalogues of works, photos or sketches. The more information you’ll look through, the more pleasure and satisfaction you’ll have from your feature tattoo.

Sometimes classical colors, such as black, absorbing, reflecting, are not even considered as colors. Black color is the most widespread color in tattoo. It creates an accurate line, is very graphical, and is used in the majority of works as a contour, shades and primary color. Both sexes love this color, but women sometimes abuse it, forgetting about brown color, resounding with their female essence.

How to choose a flower tattoo? There is no doubt that you’ll manage to define with a concrete motive and composition of a tattoo, only after talking with tattoo masters and looking through hundreds of various variants, in catalogues, and salons, but you’ll be able to understand the influence of color on the consciousness and mood of a person, the conformity of form and content of a tattoo, after reading these lines…

First of all, it is necessary to notice that the form and the size of a tattoo strictly depends on a place on which it should be made. The general form of the picture should correspond to anatomy; it means to repeat the outlines of the given site of a body. For example: the most preferable form of a tattoo on a shoulder is a circle if the picture has to settle down in the area of a backbone it should be, necessarily, a symmetric composition etc. Also the size of a tattoo should not be too large, but also should not be too small

Besides, it is necessary to take under consideration the following moments: the more difficult the picture is, the more little details there are in it, the more largely it has to be made, because human skin is not as ideally white as paper, and people will observe the tattoo from some distance, so, there is a danger that the tattoo will look like a mess. Anyway, in such questions it is better to listen to professionals advices (unfortunately in many cases it does not occur).

Color influence. You don’t choose a flower tattoo for a day that is why it is important to know that color influence on our health. According to the data of chromo (chromo is a method of color treatment ), color affects the frequency of breath, the rhythm of heart reductions, arterial pressure, speed of reaction, muscular pressure. Researches show that a correctly chosen color improves memory and attention up to 55-78 %!

Colors have physiological influence on a person, and it is objective. And the relation to colors – is subjective. «Preferring or rejecting any colors, he appears what he actually is instead of what tries to seem. It is possible to say that the color choice cannot lie….» – says the researcher, the founder of the psychological test defining the emotional condition of a person, the Swiss psychologist Max Ljusher.

And it is always important to remember that even if you choose a tattoo not knowing its sense, you can be sure that this is exactly what you need, because the choice always comes from your subconscious level, and sub consciousness never deceives us.

Statistics of color usage in tattoo:

Black 78 %

Green 4 %

Red 5 %

Violet 2 %

White 3 %

Pink 1 %

Dark blue 4 %

Brown 3 %

The choice of a flower tattoo is a difficult and responsible process. The greatest complexity consists in the impossibility to wash away the tattoo. If any other accessory can be removed without special efforts and to forget that it once decorated, to remove a tattoo is difficult enough, and completely remove it is almost impossible.

It is well to know the sense of a flower tattoo. Otherwise it is possible to get into unpleasant situation. On one hand, people surrounding you will also estimate you, according to your tattoo. On the other hand, many people are sure that a tattoo can change their destiny. There are many people who once made a tattoo not thinking what they were doing, after some time hurry to a tattoo salon to make cover up or to delete with laser, because suddenly they find out the sense of their picture and understand that it is impossible to live further like that.

A picture should be in a harmony with your image. It is not necessary to make a tattoo on your body only because it is fashionable. The fashion is changeable, and a tattoo is forever or, at least, for a very long time.

You can come to a tattoo salon with your own sketch or at least with idea, and it is or you can choose one there from the catalogue. In the first case you receive a picture that is close to you, but anyway you have to consult the tattoo master, to discuss, where this tattoo will look better. In the second case you don’t have to strain your imagination. The author will show you the picture and the place where it is better to make a tattoo, will explain the sense and will advise … It depends on you what way to choose.

It is also necessary to take under consideration your financial possibilities. Because a big picture costs much.