History and Description of Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

History and Description of Flower Tattoos

Now, a couple of words about history and description of flower tattoos. In different times and in different territories the ways of making flower tattoos differed, but even nowadays the principle remains unchangeable – the pigment is brought under the skin layers. In the ancient times tattoo masters used sharp bowls, thorns of plants, bones of fishes and other objects for incision piercing the integument in the form of the future picture, and then rubbed the crushed ashes or the painting substances containing in various plants in the smallest wounds.

Flower tattoos are very beautiful and feminine tattoos.

A girl is a soul of a flower. That is why flower tattoos very often decorate female body. Flower tattoos can be as colorful, as in black and white colors. White flower tattoos symbolize sincere and physical cleanliness. Flower tattoos of bright colors point at brightness and passion of human nature, on impulsiveness and emotionality. Each separate flower is a love story.

Choosing a picture for a tattoo, many girls stop on the pictures of flowers. Flower tattoos personify feminity, individuality and originality. Flower tattoos are basically made by girls and almost on all the parts of the body. We don’t have to forget that “flowers” is a general name, but there are a great variety of them: roses, lilies, orchids, chamomiles etc. Each separate flower tattoo has its own sense, its own information and power. They are united by one thing – the unfading beauty.

Flower ornaments are very popular among the people of all ages and nationalities. Recently flower tattoos have found a special popularity among youth. More often we can meet people with a flower on a shovel, shoulder or wrist in the street. They are made colorful and in one color, large and small sizes, but not many people know that almost every tattoo has its own sense. A person, who wants to make a flower tattoo, has to know, what does this flower symbolize. In Japan it is considered that a flower is a symbol of feminity, leaving time, tenderness; quiet and reasonable current of time. The majority of flowers have an exact symbolic. Here are the senses of flowers in different cultures.

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