Gerbera Flower Tattoos

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Gerbera Flower Tattoo

Gerbera is a flower of contradictions, it is simple and at the same time mysterious, expressive, and bright! Gerbera flower tattoo means: secret, optimism, smile, and little flirt.

If you want to make a compliment, to present pleasure, or to share your good mood with someone, you should present a Gerbera bouquet.

Gerbera can please everyone and everybody nobody will remain without attention! Red gerberas are good to be presented to men, gentle pink – to girls, women. And yellow or orange gerberas will bring good luck in any house; they can be presented on a family celebration. And the house will be filled with warm, pleasure and smiles …

In flower language Gerbera means smile, optimism, openness to the world if you look at this affable, bright, flower – you will smile and understand that anyway everything will be all right! This flower simply “infects” with its optimism and pleasure and fills the heart with warm feelings!

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Gerbera Flower Tattoo on Hand Gerbera Flower Tattoo on Shoulder Gerbera Flower Tattoo

Gerbera Tattoo Gerbera Flower Gerbera Flower