Forget me not Flower Tattoos

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Forget me not Flower Tattoos

Different flowers have different symbolism. But, in general, all the flowers have positive sense. One of the most widespread flowers for a tattoo is a forget me not flower. Girls usually make a small and accurate forget me not tattoo on their anklebone or tail bone. It symbolises a true love, hope and memory. The the forget-me-not flower tattoo image, as well as with other flowers are preferred by girls though the forget me not is admissible and for guys too.

The forget me nots with gently blue, white or pink petals and the bright yellow centre grow almost all over the world. Many beautiful legends are connected with this flower. For example, the Ancient Greek legend tells us about two enamored – Likass and Egle – whose love and fidelity were widely known. But once, Likass had to go home and to enter in possession of the private residence which was left in inheritance by his uncle. Egle was frightened that Likass, after becoming rich, will forget about their love, will find a cute beauty from the city and will not return to Egle anymore . But she did not know, whether it was necessary to tell Likass about her fears. When they have saying goodbye to each other, Egle has burst into tears. Those tears fall into the grass and have turned into flowers as blue, as her eyes were. Those were the first forget me nots. Egle collected those flowers and gave them to her beloved. She didn’t say nothing, but Likass understood everything and named the flowers “forget me not”.

It is interesting that forget me nots grow everywhere, and in different countries they have similar or even identical names. Both in German, French, and English they are called “forget me not”. And everywhere the forget me not tattoos symbolize the devoted love, the sincere feeling and the grief of separation. Mostly the forget me not flower tattoos are chosen by those who were left by their beloved people.

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