Dandelion Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

Dandelion Flower Tattoo

There is a large quantity of tattoos with flower motives. And it is always very difficult to choose, which flower will better suit for your body’s ornamental decoration.

The dandelion flower tattoo will always attract everybody’s attention not only by its simplicity, but also by its unusual. The yellow dandelion tattoo means spring freshness, ease, body pleasure, cheerfulness and purposefulness. Such tattoo suit very well for cheerful, positive girls the dandelion tattoo is considered as typically female tattoo, so it is almost impossible to see it on a man’s body.

If on the tattoo image the dandelion has withered and remained “bald”, such tattoo means bitterness, grief, the sensation that the life has already passed.

Very often the dandelion flower tattoos are represented as a flower with the inclined head, and it seems, that the wind plays with its parachute – seeds and they slowly come off and depart to unknown distances. Such tattoo it is inherent to people with romantic nature which are deep in the thoughts and imaginations.

This fine flower throughout the whole period of its life cycle does not lose its beauty. First its petals are bright and yellow, after withering; they form a fine crone of pearl grey color which scatters from blow of the wind. Therefore the dandelion tattoo associates with the real beauty and the desire to never get old.

Among the large quantity of dandelion tattoo senses you can find that sense which will define your personality.

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