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The Clover flower tattoo – symbolizes a divine triad, threefold aspect of the life of body, soul and spirit. Clover is a plant that symbolizes Christian Trinity.

The associations with the Trinity evolve according to the three leaves form of the clover. Seldom met the four leaves clover means the memory about the lost paradise. The clover with five petals foretells misfortune. In the Chinese semiotics the clover is a sign of spring.

The clover flower tattoo also symbolizes stars, omega, and female tattoos of clover designate – to carry the cross to the end, and separate clover means cross, but not the destiny yet…

The clover tattoo is also a preserving type of a tattoo or as they are named ward tattoos. A special magic significance is attached to this kind of tattoo. Even in ancient times ward tattoos were used put in order to protect or secure you against various troubles. The primitive people made the images of animals and totems. Such kind of tattoo is very popular now. In ancient times ward tattoos during protected from malefic, misfortunes, evil ghosts, illnesses and even death. Magic power is appropriated to them, as well as to ritual tattoos.

There is a large quantity of types of preserving tattoos. For example, Thai people – trust in force of “the reflecting Buddha”, and in the West it is possible to meet playing bones or four petal clover

Four petal clover is a single plant of the clover possessing, at least, one four lamellar sheet, unlike the usual three lamellar. In the western tradition there is a legend that such plant brings good luck to the person who has found it, in particular, if it is found casually. According to the legend each of plates of a four lamellar sheet represents something concrete: the first one means hope, the second means belief, the third – love, and the fourth – good luck.

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