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Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

The chrysanthemum flower tattoo is a symbol of persistence and resoluteness. (China. Japan). There is a legend that very long time ago somewhere in the East, the fallen to the ground solar sparks have suddenly turned into white, fine chrysanthemums! And this fine beautiful flower was born. The chrysanthemum in the East is a symbol of persistence, resoluteness, a symbol of life pleasure, and everyone from little to old worship to it. For Japanese this is a magic, sacred plant, about which were composed legends …  The chrysanthemum is not only a regal flower, a symbol of well-being and happiness, thanks to the Chrysanthemum the person’s soul has rest and is treated. The lilac chrysanthemum is also a wonderful aroma, but it doesn’t have any deep symbolic.

The chrysanthemum is a perennial spring of vital energy and not only beautiful, ancient legends of China tell us about it, but also the well-known Indian philosopher, and poet Sri Aurobindo. In his collection «The spiritual value of flowers» Sri Aurobindo says that flowers feel, love and love, without expecting anything in exchange. Love simply because it is impossible differently!

In China they believe that if to rub off lips after wine with a chrysanthemum and to give it to the beloved person it will bring immortality to the love. In Japan there is a legend that a petal of a chrysanthemum at the bottom of the glass with wine means health and long life. These flowers symbolize wisdom, intelligence, durability.

The chrysanthemum symbolizes – openness, pleasure, rest, friendship!

Very long time ago the travelers brought a message to one Chinese emperor about a beautiful valley of the rising sun where grows a miracle flower which can become the basis for health and longevity elixir if it is collected by a person with kind heart and sincere intentions.

The emperor thought about that and sent after it a company of young girls and guys who liked the beautiful island so much that they decided not to come back home and created their own state where the fine beautiful chrysanthemum was the symbol of the island.

The yellow chrysanthemums tattoo – personify warm and genial sunshine! White chrysanthemums remind about mountain snow tops. And small buds of sectional chrysanthemum are like constellations. It is beautifully, joyfully and even romantic, isn’t it? The chrysanthemum is a symbol of friendship, a symbol of openness, sincere attachment. The chrysanthemum is a flower to which many beautiful legends are devoted, so the chrysanthemum tattoo has ambiguous sense is devoted what makes it even more beautiful, mysteriousness and secret! Allocates it with magic and miracle power and makes more and more favorite!

The chrysanthemum is the queen of autumn as if it connects the warm tender breath of summer and light cold of winter. “Clouds”, « Spring dawn», «Pleasure of returning» – all these are the names of the grades of chrysanthemum. «The pleasure of returning» – already in itself the name bears pleasure and gives smile.

In Japan there are two beautiful flowers, each of which plays an important role in the culture of this country. Chrysanthemums are a symbol of wisdom, health and longevity. It is very difficult to imagine Japan without geishas as well as without chrysanthemums. The geisha is a « flaring chrysanthemum», even a great poet Bashe in 17 century wrote about geisha naming her «a red chrysanthemum». The geisha is a «person of art», like Columbus discovered America, so geishas discovered the world of flowers. They did not only perfectly own the art of singing, dancing, painting and calligraphy but also Geishas knew what ikebana meant – the art of making flower compositions.

The chrysanthemums are the flowers of happiness and laughter. The chrysanthemum flower tattoo also symbolizes comfort, firmness, resoluteness

Legend about chrysanthemum.

As well as rose, the chrysanthemum is a sacred flower. Only not in India, but in Japan. The chrysanthemums there very much esteem till now and new grades are constantly deduced. With In Japanese «kiku» – the chrysanthemum means “sun”. The petals of this flower, really, remind solar beams. In the country of the rising sun only the members of the royal family had the right to wore chrysanthemums in them only, for simple mortals such luxury was categorically forbidden. Approximately in the XII century the chrysanthemum became the emblem of Japan. Exactly since that time the weapon, coins and awards started to be decorated by chrysanthemums.

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