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Chamomile Flower Tattoo

The meaning of chamomile flower tattoo is inconsistent and unequivocal, as however, at the majority of flowers. Here are some meanings of chamomile flower tattoo.

The chamomile – means world, love! The chamomile calms, brings good luck, helps to find the future spouse, that is why the girls guess – «loves or does not love».

The chamomile flower tattoo can also speak about doubts, neglect and hostility – such contradictions are concealed in chamomile.

The youth, innocence, romanticism of chamomiles are reflected in a lot of beautiful legends, songs, verses, parables and fairy tales.

If a girl looks like a gentle, modest chamomile, then the tattoo of these gentle flowers is simply created for her. It will underline its youth, modesty and the darling, calm beauty. And will also help to the girl to solve the secret of why she has fascinated you

The chamomile – symbolizes kindness, modesty, innocence. The bouquet from chamomiles will be a good gift for the young, unsophisticated in love girl! The chamomile says – the life is beautiful, the life – only begins!

The chamomile is a small, modest and at the same time surprisingly proof flower. Do you remember in Andersen’s fairy tale with the same name – where a small chamomile grew in solitude, far from magnificent, important peonies and bright tulips. Every morning she stretched her white petals towards the tender, warm sun. Every morning she rejoiced that the new morning came, and a new day came! And the chamomile had one treasured dream that the lark singing such wonderful songs and, soaring so high in the sky, would land somewhere near her, and she could just a little admire him and to listen his wonderful singing. So the chamomile dreamt day by day, and, as it is known dreams come true. And how surprised was the chamomile, when she once woke up in the morning, and saw the lark near her – and that morning the lark sang only for her. They spent the whole day together and left only in the evening. The chamomile was so happy that she could not fall asleep for a long time. It seemed to her that she could not fall asleep because of happiness. But when, she woken up next morning, she the lark in bondage, the chamomile understood that she couldn’t sleep not because of happiness that evening.

With all her strength the small chamomile tried to console, to support the lark and all time was near him! But, despite all her diligence, the lark died, he simply could not live in bondage. The chamomile could not rescue her friend the death of the lark became a real shock for her. Soon the chamomile has absolutely faded from melancholy she could not live without the friend.

There is one more legend. Very long time ago there lived a young man and once he dreamt a flower while sleeping, and when he woken up, he found the flower on his pillow. The young took the flower to his beloved girl, such tenderness proceeded from the flower that the girl just couldn’t like it, and she named it Chamomile, and she asked the young man to collect the whole bouquet of these gentle, fine flowers. The young man could not refuse his beloved girl and went to search the flowers. The young man looked for the flowers for a long time and finally he came to the kingdom of Dreams where he saw the necessary flower. But the King of the Dreams didn’t want to simply give the bouquet to the young man, he put a condition that the young man would remain forever in the kingdom of Dreams, and his girl will receive the whole, immense field of the flowers. And the King did not deceive the young man – the immense chamomile meadows please us till today…

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