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Carnation Flower Tattoo

The carnation flower tattoo has different senses it is a symbol of love and hobby! A love talisman in Italy ─ a talisman which will protect the lover from all troubles and misfortunes!

The carnation also means fidelity.

The red carnation means ardent love and passion! Yellow means disrespect, white carnation ─ means a grief sign, motley means unshakable virtue means!

The carnation flower tattoo is a sign of courageous, unexpected decisions, people deprived of stereotypes, people of wide soul prefer to make such a tattoo! Also people who are keeping up to date!

The carnation as other flower tattoos also can tell about absolutely different feelings. There are a lot of myths about carnation. And here is one of them.

Once goddess Diana coming back from unsuccessful hunting, has been so angered that, having met on the fringe of the forest, a charming herd boy playing on pipe she at once blamed him in her failure and cried that because of his music all the fowl ran away up and the hunting failure.

And how many times the young man told her that he was not guilty, how many time he did not beg her about mercy the goddess did not hear him. Being very furious, she snatched on the herd boy and pulled out his eyes. And when she calmed down, the repentance started to torment, but it was already impossible to do something. It was late! And then Diana decided to immortalize the memory of the young man and somehow to right a wrong. She threw young man’s eyes on a footpath and at the very moment two red carnations have grown from them, reminding the innocently spilt blood by their color.

Here is such a sad story about anger and repentance. The story about death and about birth. The poor young man could not even think that the memory about him will be immortalized by gods, will be immortalized in flowers!

Carnations symbolize love, and also infinite fidelity.

Carnation is a plant that symbolizes the Christian understanding of love. Its name comes from Greek «decorate with flowers».

According to a Christian legend, the carnation has blossomed in that day when Jesus was born. For a long time it was used at wedding ceremonies, symbolizing marriage relations. The tattoo of a pink carnation is interpreted as tears of Maiden Maria, therefore it symbolizes motherhood. The tattoo of a white carnation means pure, raised love, red means sensual love. The yellow carnation is a neglect or refusal sign. The zodiac equivalent of carnation is Scorpion.

In culture of new time the carnation tattoo was considered as «fire flower», «a struggle flower». So, in Australia during processions in memory of revolutionaries of 1848 the demonstrators bore red carnations. Victims of the French revolution in 1793, going on the scaffold, decorated their clothes with carnations. During the period of Jacobin terror this flower was called as “a horror carnation». Italians considered carnation as an attribute of Apostle Peter. In Germany the carnation was used as a sign of memory of feats of crusaders. In the Russian revolutionary semiotics the carnation was a sign of the spilt blood. If the rose symbolized sacred blood the carnation had a more terrestrial shade. In some countries of Europe, the carnation today is a talisman of love, a sign of body’s beauty.

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