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Camellia Flower Tattoo

The camellia flower tattoo will suit cheerful persons blossoming like a flower.

The romantic beauty and the antiquity of camellias originate became a source of set of myths and the mysterious stories connected with this flower, therefore camellia tattoos have different senses. According to a legend camellia is a beautiful, but a callous flower – an emblem of coldness and callousness of feelings, an emblem of beautiful, but heartless women who, entice and ruin without love.

There is a legend about camellia’s appearing on the Earth. Aphrodite (Venus), mother of Eros (Cupid), who was satiated with love of goddesses of the Olympus and terrestrial women, advised him to depart on other planet. On Saturn he heard chorus of angelic voices and saw beautiful women with white body, silvery hair and light blue eyes. They sang praise to the Lord that he gave them a body from ice which calms passions and extinguishes of any desires. They looked at Eros, admired his beauty, but did not take interest in him. He started up his arrows in vain. Then he went to Aphrodite in despair, which were revolted with such unusual callousness of women and decided that these insensible beings are unworthy, to be women and should descend on the earth and turn into flowers. And here these charming, but callous creatures have turned into camellias.

The Belgian poet Norbert Kornelissen in 1820 wrote a poetic fairy tale about camellia’s occurrence in Europe under the playful name “A poetic joke about the destiny of camellia in Europe”. Action takes place on the Olympus where gods had their own weaknesses and Hobbys, like mortals. Once the Cupid started to extend gossips on the Olympus about his mother – Venus, and the angered goddess ordered to their servants – Gracias to whip her son with birches made from roses. “Let, there remain memoirs for a long time in his head about the inappropriate garrulity” – she sad. Having known about the threatening danger, the scared Cupid started to ask the goddess Flora to relieve him from such a shameful punishment, or, at least, to weaken it somehow. Then Flora called Zephyr and ordered him to fly to Japan and to bring the Japanese rose from there.

Without thinking twice, the Zephyr started on a journey and in some hours brought the demanded plant. It all has been plentifully covered with flowers. When Flora transferred the plant to Gracias as the birch intended for the Cupid, they smiled and, and admired with this flower so much, that they decorated their selves with the flowers. But they had nothing to do, it was necessary to start punishment performance, and they punished him so gently that there did not remain a slightest scratch on the Cupid’s body. Having known about it, Venus became terribly angry; but there was nothing to do because the rascal has been punished with the birches from roses, as has ordered, but only roses were without thorns. And then she transferred all her anger on the plant and deprived it of its wonderful smell and ordered it to grow always only in Japan. And since then this rose remained unattainable neither for Gracias, nor for Muses, until the Jesuit Camell has taken it from the captivity. Having brought it to Europe, however, he could not return the lost smell to it and the wonderful flower remained deprived of this marvelous gift of gods forever.

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