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Black Rose Flower Tattoo

Among the huge variety of tattoos, the image of black rose is invariably popular. The black rose flower tattoo is associated with romanticism and grief. Why so often from many variants people choose a black rose, and especially often this is a choice of girls. Let’s try to understand what such tattoo can mean.

The most widespread value for black rose tattoo is considered death and grief. In the West black colour is strongly connected with grief and loss (because in the east the symbol of grief id the white color) and it is considered the color of funeral. The rose tattoo is a recognized symbol of love, and the black rose tattoo symbolizes sorrow and the grief from love loss. It can be both the loss of the beloved person, and the left love. In this case, in addition to the rose, in the tattoo is often added the text: the name of the beloved person, the declaration of love etc. In some subcultures the black rose is considered the symbol of Goth.

Other widespread value black rose flower tattoo is fidelity and hope. The fidelity not only to a person, but also to an idea, however the unrealistic idea, or to an unattainable purpose, or a desire which will never come true. So the black rose tattoo can symbolize this hope for unrealizable.

The red (scarlet) rose was a symbol of England, and the Irish who have begun war for their independence, have chosen the black rose in opposition, as the symbol of their struggle. Many Irish soldiers-patriots made on their skin black rose tattoos. Today the black rose tattoo is one of the symbols of anarchists.

The black rose tattoo can be met not only on the Irish soldiers’ skin. Very often soldiers, coming back home, chose the black rose tattoo, showing that their way is over, but they did not hope for returning.

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