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Bamboo Flower Tattoo

The bamboo flower tattoo symbolizes fast growth, rapid development, the active beginning. The bamboo is connected with the elements of tree which operates the well-being. It is difficult to find the person who does not dream to be rich. And the majority of us try to use the best efforts to reach financial well-being. Many believe that it is possible to involve money with different rituals and amulets: happiness coins, monetary frogs and many other things. And after all flowers can help with the pursuit after finance! The bamboo is a symbol of good luck in Asian culture already more than 4000 years. In Chinese language it is named “Fu Gvi Ju”. Fu means Riches, Gvi – means Power and Honor; Ju – the Bamboo. The bamboo tattoo can serve as money entice.

Besides, the bamboo is the symbol of longevity, therefore the successes reached with its help, will be strong and will last for a very long.

The bamboo is considered as good and rather diplomatic gift. Young plants are usually given, tying up the flower with gold or red tape a symbol of richness. Such gift means the wish of longevity and prosperity. Runaways of dracaena, that posses the same properties can sometimes replace the bamboo.

To direct the favorable influence of power of the bamboo flower tattoo on financial sphere of your life will help the sheaf from three or six coins, tied up in the eternity knot.

But you don’t have to rely only on flowers. You should use the best efforts for achievement the financial well-being. After all even the Feng Shui says that flowers are only assistants, and the main thing is you!

When choosing a tattoo, first of all, it is necessary to take under consideration the individual preferences of the person. If you do not know what exactly to choose, Try to read the information about flower meanings.

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