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Aster Flower Tattoo

At different people aster flowers and aster flower tattoos have different meanings. At ancient Greeks aster symbolizes love and is devoted to Aphrodite.

The aster – in translation from Greek means “star”.

The ancient legend says that the aster has grown from a mote which has fallen from a star. Already in Ancient Greece people knew about the constellation of Maiden which associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite. According to an Ancient Greek myth the aster has grown from space dust when the Maiden looked from the sky and cried. For ancient Greeks the aster symbolized love.

There is a legend that if to stay a little among asters at night and to listen attentively, it is possible to hear an easy whispering: these are asters have never-ending conversation with the sisters-stars.

There is one more legend of occurrence of asters on the earth: two Taoist monks decided to go to stars. They were going for a long time in prickly wood. They made their way through the thickets of juniper. They rose on hardly appreciable mountain tracks. They slid on snow glaciers till they reached the top of the highest mountain of Altai. But, having reached top, they saw that the stars were still high in the sky and did not become closer. The way back was very long. The monks were out of food and out of water, they peeled their body in blood and torn clothes. They went down from mountains almost out of powers, and came on a fine meadow where a pure stream proceeded, and grew wonderful flowers. “Look, – said one of the monks, – we have made such a difficult way to see the beauty of the stars in the sky, but they live here, on the earth”. They dug out some of these plants brought them to the monastery and began to plant these flowers, naming them asters what means – stars in Latin.

In China aster flower tattoos symbolize beauty, accuracy, elegance, charm and modesty.

For Hungarians this flower associates with autumn, therefore in Hungary aster is named «the autumn rose». In ancient times people believed that if to throw some leaves of aster in fire, the smoke from this fire can expel smoke.

The aster tattoo is a symbol of women who were born under the astrological sign of the Maiden. Aster is a symbol of grief. This flower was considered as a gift to people from gods, an amulet, and a particle of its far star. Therefore the grief symbolized by it, is grief on lost paradise, on impossibility to rise in the sky.

The aster tattoo in flower language is a symbol of love, grace, refinement, and also a symbol of memoirs. Asters were put in tombs French Soldiers, symbolizing the grief and memory of victims. There exist about 600 types of asters, the most popular grade is Monte Casino. The tattoo of white aster means: “I love you more than you me!”

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