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Advices and Negative Consequences of Tattoos

Speaking about tattoos, it is necessary to mention the problem of negative consequences of tattoos which can come together with tattoos. The usage of reusable tools, their insufficient disinfection conceals a big health hazard for the person in it. More than that in the XX-th century the mankind discovered such disease as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and also the extremely dangerous forms of hepatitis, tetanus and tuberculosis became more active.

You can correct your tattoo or delete it but it costs much more than to make a tattoo.  If the «cover-up» didn’t help you, there is another way – to reduce it. But you have to know, that this procedure is rather expensive (from 10 American dollars for 1 mm), rigid and unpleasant, and also very long on time terms. The tattoo picture is deduced in two or several steps, depending on the applied way of erasing and the sizes of the tattoo. There are different ways tattoo erasing. «During the electro coagulation the skin is­ gradually being burned, and the paint is being washed away with the hydrogen peroxide».

The laser helps at the removal of different colors. For example, the beam of the ruby laser has a big power; paint particles simply evaporate at its influence. But if the tattoo is made with red color it turns in black and it needs to be removed only in the abrasive way, by polishing. The skin is simply cut out on millimeters. Of course the picture disappears, but instead of it there remain hems and scars, that are very unattractive. It is possible to make one more tattoo over them, but what if you have to erase that one too? In general, it is necessary to think hundred times, before erasing the tattoo, and the main thing is not to make it somehow. Because one thing is a poor image pistols, daggers, diamonds jacks on the hand, and absolutely another thing is a colorful masterpiece, pertinent as to «the oil king», the business woman, the popular actor, and to biker, manager or student…

There are some age restrictions on tattoo. Till 18 years it is possible to make a tattoo only with the permission of parents and in the presence of the own signature, in order not to have the misunderstandings. After 18 years you already more or less know, what you want and probably won’t go to erase the tattoo with such explanation: «My young man (my girl) insists on the tattoo erasement otherwise the relations will come to end». You are a free person, and let your partner respects your choice, accepts you as you are, instead of impose his (her) vision of the world. Concern to such statements easily and suggest him (her) to make a tattoo too. Try to talk to each other and you’ll come to a compromise. If you are not able to do that, it’s a sign that you don’t need such a stubborn partner…

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Advices and negative consequences of tattoos Advices and negative consequences of tattoos Advices and negative consequences of tattoos

Advices and negative consequences of tattoos Advices and negative consequences of tattoos Advices and negative consequences of tattoos