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Acacia Flower Tattoo

In the different countries and in different cultures the acacia flower tattoo has different senses. In the countries of the Mediterranean the acacia tattoo means life, immortality, the withdrawal from active affairs, and also Platonic love. As this plant has both white and red flowers, it means life and death, death and revival. Its prickles mean small horns of the growing moon. In Christianity the acacia is a sign of immortality and moral way of life. According to one tradition it is supposed that the crown of thorns for the Jesus has been made of acacia – on the one hand because it is a sacred tree of Jews, and on the other hand to laugh over the idea of immortality. At Egyptians the acacia symbolized the Sun, revival, immortality, initiation and innocence, and also is an emblem of goddess Nejt. At Jews an acacia is sacred tree Gofer from which Tabernacle is made. Also symbolizes funeral and mourning.

To dream about a blossoming acacia means a pleasant meeting. As if you stand near a blossoming acacia and are so admired that it is impossible to walk away from it, such dream says about forthcoming visit to the theatre, or an art museum, an art gallery, an exhibition-sale and similar; you are expected by a dialogue with art or with a person working in the field of art. If you walk along the acacia avenue, such dream warns you about an error that you can make or have already made, But don’t even know about it. In the nearest days try not to enter in any important negotiations, not to sign contracts, not to give promises. If you dream, that you feel the aroma of a blossoming acacia it is a kind dream; there are big probabilities of that you receive good news from the person whom you love.

The acacia flower tattoo is an image which is closely connected with a memorable episode of a Masonic legend, consider as an immortality symbol. Such interpretation is apparently explained by its extreme natural survivability – Dju Pratts says that if on its branches remains, at least a small amount of bark they, being simply driven in the earth, will take root. There are some breeds of acacias among which there is Acacia vera (also named the Egyptian blackthorn, or Acacia seyal) from which gum-arabic is extracted. It corresponds to the Sitta tree, from Outcome and prophet Isaji books. Its wood was used for building the ark and the altar in tabernacle. The Christian legend says that the crown of thorns of the Christ has been made of its prickly runaways.

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Acacia Flower Tattoo Acacia Flower

Acacia Flower Tattoo

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