Flower tattoos designs and Flower tattoos meanings

Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

Cherry Blossoms Flower Tattoo lily most tattooed flower

If you decided to decorate yourself and to make a plant or flower image on your body and do not know what to choose and what will suit you more, on our website you can find information about how to choose a tattoo, different flower tattoos designs, flower tattoos meanings and about what will suit you.

From Tahiti – “ta” – a picture, “too” – spirit

Flower tattoos are very beautiful and feminine, but it does not mean that they suit only to women; men also make them very often.

They can have much deeper sense, than simply beautiful picture on a body. Flowers are the embodiment of nature and symbolize themselves a cycle of birth, life, child-bearing, death and revival. In different cultures they can have various senses. For example, in the east a huge spiritual sense has the lotus, in the West this role plays the rose. Besides, different color of the same flower has certain sense too. For example, white is a symbol of cleanliness, red is the symbol of passion, sometimes symbolizing the blood of the Christ.

Flowers already inspire us as long as we have possibility to see them, to touch and feel their smell. As well as female names, they became a synonym of sweet, beauty and healing, and also such qualities, as nobleness, calmness and innocence. They were not only an admiration source from the human side, but also were a subject of fantasy and imagination of human reason. Their color, form, aroma and unique features have generated set of myths and characters having character traits, connected with the names of the flowers.

Besides, flower images are very often combined with other important symbols. For example, the flowers twisting any religious symbols always were very popular, both in art, and in tattoo. Such pictures can also be united with the images of zodiacal signs. Each symbol, including stones and plants, has various characteristics and features, depending on their color. The creation of a refined combination of a zodiacal sign and a flower corresponding to it (Aquarius with orchids, Fishes with poppies etc.), can tell about you who you are, and can even serve for expression of your love to your close people.